A LARGE-CHESTED midsize woman has shared her experience trying on Victoria's Secret's latest corset top that has gone viral for its fit.

The curvy woman paired the trendy top with a myriad of bottoms in a popular video that has people chatting about its remarkable lifted effect.

Midsize fashion lover Tenley Patterson, also known as @tenleyjoelle on TikTok, reviews her haul of the famous Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Unlined Bra.

The TikTok video is one in a video series she created called "Not Skinny Enough?" that she says takes "clothing items and trends that have been underrepresented by bigger midsize girls" and shows them on her frame.

Most of the Los Angeles-based woman's content focuses on fashion trends for midsize body shapes and bodily self-love.

Patterson shows viewers a few styles while wearing the corset top that can go from a casual lunch to an evening outing.


I have a big bust, 3 Victoria’s Secret bras that are flattering on larger chests

I’m plus-size & did a Victoria’s Secret haul that was SO flattering

The digital creator starts off the video by explaining that many people in her online audience commented on her previous posts about the viral corset top.

Luckily a friend who works at the lingerie store grabbed the product for her so she could share how it looks on her midsize body.

"I'm actually really excited to show you guys this because I actually haven't seen a midsize or bigger girl show off this top but it looks so good," she says.

The video visual then cuts to a half-length shot of Patterson wearing the chic top in a size 36D with a pair of blue jeans.

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The content creator then displays the diverse uses of the corset top and its ability to be dressed up or down.

The video jumps to a full-length short of the content creator's outfit, complete with a pair of white combat boots from Forever 21.

To take the look from day to night, she throws on a black Zara faux leather blazer jacket, $89.90, to complete it.

Patterson then makes a quick change by removing the blazer and boots to make the outfit more feminine and gives it a daytime feel with closed-toe pink block heels.

In the final outfit Victoria's Secret-inspired outfit, she pairs sky blue high-waisted gaucho pants with white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers for a relaxed and stylish vibe.

"This top is 10/10 y'all. I am obsessed. It is so cute and it is so pretty," she concludes.

Her body-positive message resonated with so many of her viewers.

"An absolute hero! I’m so nervous about wearing a top like this but why? We should all be beautiful together," one viewer commented.

"Okay, now I feel confident enough to buy one. You look so stunning !!!!" another added.

"I JUST GOT this shirt and I’m mid-sized & so scared to wear it but the quality is beautiful," another shared.

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