A WOMAN has revealed that she is part of the ‘no bra club’ and absolutely hates wearing bras. 

Many women will know that wearing a bra can be pretty uncomfortable.

As a result, many young girls are ditching their uncomfy underwear and baring all, in a social media trend known as the ‘no bra club.’ 

A 20-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, US, took to TikTok to explain that she never wears a bra.

She shared her clip with the caption ‘#nomorebras’ and revealed that her family will get annoyed at her for never wearing a bra, but she doesn’t care.

She claimed that people will say she should have some self-respect and put some underwear on, but she isn’t fussed by what people think. 

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The young woman noted: “When my family yells at me for never wearing a bra anywhere.”

In her clip, we saw her wearing a white t-shirt, tied together with a hair band.

She sat down on a sofa, without wearing a bra, and mimed along to an audio that said: “Apparently everyone said I need to have self-respect.”

She then hit back at those that slam her for going braless and mimed: “F**k you guys, I just wanna have fun.” 

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The woman’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 58.5k views.

It has 9,381 likes, 30 comments and 263 shares.

Many social media users could relate to the young woman and took to the comments to reveal that they too never wear bras. 

Many other women tagged their friends in the comments too.

One person said: “Same girl.” 

Another added: “LITERALLY.” 

A third commented: “Yup.” 

Whilst another woman posted: “FOR REAL THOUGH.”

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One woman admitted: “I’m not wearing a bra, idc.”

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “Been doing this for like 2 years but now I feel like THEY WENT DOWN AND SEPARATED ???” to which the social media user replied “WAIT NO DONT SAY THAT.”

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