A WOMAN who describes herself as "conventionally pretty but fat" often finds herself on the receiving end of abuse from people who are angry they find her attractive.

Kelcey took to her 'Fat Elle Fanning' TikTok page to share a video, which she began: "One thing about me is that the face card literally never declines.

"And I think what’s really interesting about being categorically pretty but also being fat is that people don’t know what to do with you.

"They don’t know how to react.

"Because up here they see, obviously, someone who’s really pretty and conventionally attractive, and then you see the rest of my body and then they’re like, ‘Mmmm’ (frowns)."

She continued to admit that people get "so f**king mad" and "so angry".

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"Because they’re like, ‘All this wasted potential’ and ‘You could be so f**king… rahhhh’," she laughed.

"And it’s like, just say that being attracted to me makes you angry."

"Cry about it," Kelcey captioned her video, adding hashtags including #fatandpretty.

"And you grow up hearing omg, you have such a beautiful face, if only… Like no, it stops being a compliment at if only," one person commented on the video.

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"A woman once came up to me in h&m and told me that I was so beautiful I could win miss universe ‘if stopped eating bread’ I was 16 lolllll," another recalled.

"Tbh as the child of a woman with “a beautiful face” the if only is often silent, same degree of insult and judgement," a third added.

"Yes. Like they get confused and upset that they’re attracted to me when it’s not 100% what they wanted???" another person wrote.

"'They don’t know what to do with me' – literally my whole life summed up in a sentence," someone else said.

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