Kate Middleton's style tips revealed

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Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and the late Princess Diana all made the list of women with the most influential style in the world. But which woman is the most influential in the fashion department?

A new study has revealed the women with the “most influential style around the world”, with singer Ariana Grande taking the top spot.

The study conducted by fabric experts Dalston Mill Fabrics analysed Google search data for various style-related terms for over 200 famous women around the world to establish who has the most influential style.

But which royal earned the highest place?

In fourth place overall, but first place for royalty, was the newly appointed Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

The Princess has 41,800 average monthly searches made globally for her fashion.

When broken down, the search term “Kate Middleton fashion” is searched 9,500 times each month around the world as is the term “Kate Middleton style” which is searched 15,000 times monthly. 

Coming in 10th place overall, but second for royalty is the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.

Despite her death in 1997, Princess Diana’s style is still one of the most sought-after around the world.

There are 26,030 searches for Princess Diana’s style each month around the world, in particular, the search term “Princess Diana fashion” is Googled 7,000 times each month globally.

In addition, Meghan Markle, whose style is searched 23,880 times, put her in 13th place overall, but third place for royalty.

A spokesperson for Dalston Mill Fabrics commented on the study for Express.co.uk.

They said: “In a world where the fashion industry becomes more and more reliant on social media and influence, this study offers a fascinating insight into the women that have the most enviable style.

“Names such as Princess Diana also highlight the styles that stand the test of time alongside the current trending styles that are typically worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.”

There is one fashion trend this autumn that the Princess of Wales has helped to spark.

This is for a more equestrian-style wardrobe.

A popular fashion trend for the autumn and winter seasons is equestrian style pieces.

Mainly seen on royalty such as Kate and Lady Louise Windsor, incorporating equestrian-style pieces into an everyday wardrobe can be very easy.

This is especially the case with a tweed-style blazer, which both royals have donned in the past.

The hashtag #Equestrianstyle currently has 88.9 million views on social media website TikTok.

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