ACTRESS and cook, Lisa Faulkner, 48, is married to MasterChef star John Torode.

Here, we sit down with the mum-of-one to discuss her greatest achievement and how lockdown has changed her life.

What scares you?
Ghosts – I am terrified! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I would rather have a real person break into my house than be haunted.

What’s your favourite word?

What is your worst habit?
Worrying. I worry about everything and I wish I didn’t.

Who or what is the love of your life?
My daughter Billie [14]. My one and only.

Who would you invite to a dinner party?
I’d like to have John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, Madonna, Tracey Emin, Boy George and Nigella Lawson.

Who makes you laugh the most?
John [55]. He’s just got a silly sense of humour and when he does something I laugh out loud.

What makes you angry?
The state of the world today. Say no more.

All-time favourite movie?
True Romance.

What were your favourite TV shows as a child?
Grange Hill, Dynasty and Dallas.

Which public figure do you most admire?
Kamala Harris [US vice president-elect]. She has strength and tenacity but a real kindness. I don’t know her, but she seems like a breath of fresh air and as honourable and true as a politician can be.

What possession would you rescue from a burning building?
My mum’s letter she wrote to me before she passed away from cancer when I was 16.

What is the worst pain you ever experienced?
Collapsing on set in 2003 when I had an ectopic pregnancy at 31.

What’s your experience of grief?
I have much experience with it and I don’t think it ever leaves you. It just gets a little bit smaller.

What is your biggest regret?
I don’t think I allow myself to regret.

How will you remember 2020?
With my eyes closed and my teeth gritted!

What has been your greatest achievement?
Becoming a mum.

How has lockdown changed your life?
I love doing my Instagram cooking. It has really made me enjoy the simple things in life and everything that is immediately around me.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
To have a house by the sea, like in the Whitstable area. I will keep imagining it until I can do it one day.

How do you relax?
With my dog Rory and my daughter and John next to me on the sofa, a glass of wine, a film and the fire on.

What do you think happens when we die?
I don’t think that we disappear.

What song would you have played at your funeral?
An Andrew Lloyd Webber number, because I love him. Maybe Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I think it’s someone called John Torode.

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[Credit] As told to: Molly Reynolds Photography: Mark Hayman, Instagram/Lisa Faulkner

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