MALIN Andersson has revealed a sick troll told her to turn off her dying daughter's life support, but says she's stronger than ever after overcoming a suicide attempt.

The 27-year-old, who appeared on the second series of Love Island in 2016, tragically lost both her mother and newborn daughter with a year of each other.

Her daughter Consy, who was named after her beloved mum, passed away on January 22, 2019 after four weeks in intensive care. Malin later revealed she attempted suicide as she grieved for her daughter.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous today, ahead of Lovehoney's Virtual Camp, Malin said: "When my daughter was dying in hospital, someone commented ‘unplug her tubes already’.

"This is sick stuff, it’s not people trolling ‘you’re chubby’ or ‘you’re fat’ because I don’t give a s*** about stuff like that. This is about abuse and stuff."

Malin had Consy with violent ex Tom Kemp, who was jailed for abusing her earlier this month. He admitted actual bodily harm and was caged for 10 months at Aylesbury Crown Court September 3.

She added: "I had a guy comment on my domestic violence post when I got justice saying ‘you’re not a victim’.

"Things like that f*** you up in the head because it’s such a serious thing.

"He was such a tw*t to make that comment because you don’t know who I am and what I've been through.

"The psychological impact of domestic violence is fricking heavy."

This is sick stuff, it’s not people trolling ‘you’re chubby’ or ‘you’re fat’ because I don’t give a s*** about stuff like that. This is about abuse

Despite everything she's been through recently, Malin says her suicide attempt was an "epiphany moment" which encouraged her to turn her life around.

She said: "It was an epiphany moment. I went to myself ‘oh God, you’ve got to try and make something of your life now’.

"I think there was something that shook in my head and was like ‘you need to carry on’. I'm very spiritual – something in me changed."

Malin now campaigns for mental health support, as well as being an ambassador for Sands stillbirth & neonatal charity and Refuge, who help survivors of domestic abuse.

She said: "I see it (the trolling) and you automatically ingest it, because you're human, but then I block it, delete and get on with my day.

"My mind is very powerful now, I meditate every day and I'm not bothered about trolls.

"It's a reflection of them, they clearly need help. It's not a normal thing to do – but they need to see what the impact of this is.

"If people are reading all these comments, it’s so damaging to your mental health, like really bad."

Malin previously admitted to "starving herself" after taking part in beauty pageants as a teenager, surviving on just 500 calories a day and gruelling workouts.

Speaking today, she said: "It was really dark, when I look back I don’t even recognise myself. It’s like I was in zombie mode.

"I was constantly depressed, struggling, weighing myself. I was never happy. I had bad relationships with people because of the mood I was in.

"I just wasn’t me, I wasn’t feeding my brain so I was never going to be me."

But now she's a icon for body positivity and female empowerment, inspiring a fan base of 690,000 people on Instagram.

She said: "I’ve come to an acceptance with my body, because of the things I have been through. I look at myself differently, I don’t care about my image as much anymore."

After overcoming her eating disorder, Malin started embracing the real her – and is now more popular than ever.

She said: "It’s ironic isn’t it? I came off a popular show and my work was dire, I wasn’t really doing much.

"Then I started to accept who I was as a person and people can see that.

"They relate to that and therefore want to learn more about you. It encourages me to be more like that, because I know it’s helping other women.

"I think especially at the moment where it’s very dark on social media, there’s a lot of fakery around, I think it’s important for me to have that purpose."

I think we have to suffer in order to grow

Malin revealed she has "thousands" of girls reaching out to her on social media, asking for help with issues including domestic violence, body image, baby loss, grieving and depression.

Asked whether she wishes she could have been the woman she is today when she went on Love Island, to use the platform to inspire others, she said: "I do and I don’t.

"I was so young and I was on this journey. Did I know I was going to lose my mum and my daughter and get into this toxic relationship after Love Island?

"No I didn’t have a clue. So it’s all been part of my growth, that shaped me and moulded me into the person I am now.

"If I was that person then, it wouldn’t have worked out the way it has. I’m proud of who I am now and I’m stronger than I was, so I wouldn’t change anything.

"I think we have to suffer in order to grow, it’s all part of that."

Malin is happily single at the moment, admitting: "The Lovehoney toys help, clearly, I've been single for a while".

Although she's open to meeting someone new, she says she struggles to trust men and can be "brutal" about dumping them.

She said: "I’ve been dating a little bit but no I’m single. I find it difficult to trust what their intentions are, but I’m also very funny now.

"I look out for red flags and I’m very fussy with my standards, because I deserve to be treated well and I know what my worth is.

"I don’t ever want to end up in (a relationship like) what I was before.

"So if there’s anything that’s wrong with the person, it seems like they have bad intentions or something’s a bit off, I’m like ‘no goodbye’. I’m a bit brutal."

Malin was a speaker at Lovehoney Virtual Camp on how to lead a sexually happy life. She is pictured in Lovehoney Lingerie.

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