THE festive season is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing, you'll find us wearing some form of glitter and sparkles.

But who said this has to stop at your wardrobe? Now one stylish mum has revealed how you can give your battered old staircase a glittery transformation – and it only set her back £5.

Michell Ann Hart, from Chelmsford, Essex, wanted to give her hallway some TLC before the Christmas period while also keeping the cost to a minimum.

Sharing photos of her stunning staircase on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, the mum-of-six revealed that she acheived the luxe finish using three rolls of £1 glittery wrapping paper from B&M.

Explaining her technique to Fabulous Digital, Michell said: "I bought the glitter wrapping paper from B&M and used just under three rolls on the back of the steps and stuck them down with £1 wallpaper paste."

Then for the top of the steps, the thrifty mum painted a base cost of white and sprinkled silver glitter she already owned over the top.

She added: "I put the glitter in a polystyrene coffee cup, placed a lid on it and just put some holes in it and sprinkled the glitter over the steps whilst the paint was still wet. It acted like glue to keep the glitter in place."

And just like that, Michell had created an Instagram-worthy sparkly staircase in just two steps – no pun intended.

What's more, the mum also has £19.99 B&M lights she bought earlier this year on every other step which change colour.

Describing how long the whole process lasted, Michell added: "The whole staircase took me about three hours – from cutting all the pieces of wrapping paper into the same size and putting them in place."

Needless to say, other members of the group were blown away with the purse-friendly glitzy transformation.

One replied: "Well done. I love this, looks gorgeous and very Christmassy."

Another added: "Now THOSE are stairs to make an entrance on, very Hollywood glamorous – I like them."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "OMG I would never have thought of wrapping paper!!"

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