A MOTHER was left mortified after her daughter Hope accidentally left out a vital letter in her name on her nursery work.

Roo, who posts on TikTok under the name Roo GlowBabyCandleCo, posted a video in which she shared her little girl's work.

And on the top of each piece of paper, in the section for the name, Hope had written "HOE".

"I think she might be missing a letter," Roo captioned the video, in which she added: "My daughter just started kindergarten and her name is Hope."

As she turned the pages of the work, she could be heard laughing, and saying, "Nooooooo!"

Her video has been watched nearly 2.5 million times, with people flocking to the comments section to laugh at the little girl's error.

"You better hold onto those and show her when she's older!" one person wrote.

"I'm naming my future daughter Hope for this reason," another commented.

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Someone else added: "Oh, this is priceless!!"

Another hilariously wrote: "I will never forget my Hope was soooo excited when she found her name in a book…the word was Hopeless."

Similar mistakes were recalled by other commenters, with one writing: "My daughters name is Megan. she would forget the 'g' so then she was Mean."

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