BONFIRE night is nearly upon us and a mum has shared her very savvy tip to preventing kids’ fingers getting burned on sparklers.

Francesca Ross uploaded a photo showing how she sticks potatoes on the end of sparklers for her children to hold instead of the metal end.

She wrote on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas: “With bonfire night coming up I thought I'd share the potato trick we just did for the sparklers.

“Worked amazing for the little toddlers.”

Her post has racked up over a thousand likes, with one person writing: “Great idea!”

Another added: “I find carrots and parsnips work best…abit longer and easier for the little 'uns to hold.”

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A third commented: “Omg that's amazing!”

According to the London Fire Brigade, you should not give sparklers to children under five.

Once sparklers have gone out, they are still hot so put them in a bucket of water.

You should also only buy fireworks with the British Standard Kitemark BS7114.


1.  Never buy fireworks from unlicensed retailers. These fireworks may be unsafe and illegal.

2.   Avoid setting fireworks off late at night. Be considerate – let your neighbours know you will be having a display, especially if they are elderly or they have pets or children.

3.  Always keep fireworks in a closed box. Take them out one at a time and close the box.

4.   Never throw fireworks or put them in your pocket.

5.  Ensure your pets are safe. There’s expert advice available at

6.  Carefully follow the instructions on each firework. Never go back to a lit firework unless the instructions advise otherwise

7.   Never give sparklers to a child under the age of five. Light sparklers one at a time and wear suitable gloves, even when lighting them.

8.   Never throw spent fireworks on a bonfire.

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