A MUM has left the internet divided after sharing a cleaning hack on TikTok.

With more than a whopping billion active monthly users, TikTok has become the home to countless make-up tutorials, gardening tips and tricks, and a never-ending stream of cleaning hacks.

It is exactly here, on this social media giant, where one UK mum, Hollie Marriage, came across a hack for getting dirty rugs to smell incredible.

Intrigued, Hollie decided to give the cleaning tip a go and was so impressed with the outcome, she shared the tutorial on social media.

According to her, as she demonstrated in the viral clip, all you need to do is place one washing pod in a pan and then cover it with boiling water.

Once the pod had melted, she grabbed a tea towel and chucked it in the mixture for a bit.

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After the cloth has absorbed the pod-infused water, remove it and lay it out flat on a kitchen surface, before wrapping it around a saucepan lid.

To ensure it stays in place and doesn't move around, secure it with a hair elastic.

Then the mum proceeded to move onto the actual cleaning process – which involved a lot of scrubbing using the lid.

After going in a circular motion for a while, Hollie was so happy with the results, she wrote: ''Girl the smell is hitting different.

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''Wow this is definitely becoming a part of my cleaning routine!'' the mum continued in the caption.

''It honestly smells amazing and makes your rug feel nice.''

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But despite her positive feedback, the viewers were left divided, with many claiming the hack was unsafe and could pose a health risk.

One person commented: ''Pods have different sections meant to melt at different times in the wash, the chemicals mixing like that can be dangerous.''

Another agreed, writing: ''I wouldn’t trust that lid with food after that, no matter how much I washed it.''

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''It’ll just make your rug more flammable,'' someone else pointed out.

However, it wasn't all negative, as some fellow cleaning enthusiasts took it to comments to show support, like this person who said: ''Did this on my sofa the other day! Worked a treat!''

Wow this is definitely becoming a part of my cleaning routine! #cleaning #arieltab #scrub #rug #cleantok

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