EVERY so often we empty our kids' draws just to refold them all again as the neatly stacked piles that once existed are no more.

But to keep PJ sets together, and to avoid messy drawers, one mum has thought up a genius folding technique and it's so satisfying to watch.

Demonstrating the hack on her TikTok account, Organising By Yvonne, the mum showed the clever method which will no doubt have you converted.

To make the process smoother, she lays each item of clothing flat and stacks them one by one ensuring the PJ top and bottom is stacked together.

Then, starting with the bottoms, she simply folds them once or twice over and pops them to the side.

Grabbing the top, she lays it flat and puts the folded pants on top, making sure it's placed high near the collar.

Next she folds the top in around the pants starting with the sides, before folding it down and tucking the end of the top up into the collar.

By doing this, the set is all wrapped up in a neat little package with the matching PJ bottoms tucked neatly inside meaning they won't go astray and become separated from the top

If that's not good enough already, the folded sets can now be stored neatly in drawers and you'll be able to easily see what there every single time.

The clever folding method isn't limited to just PJ's, though, as the organised mum has also shared videos demonstrated the technique on other items of clothing too.

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