OPENING presents on Christmas morning is a huge part of the festive fun, but it can be, quite literally, a pain to wrap them all.

To avoid the back ache that comes with hours spent on the floor carefully wrapping dozens of gifts, these savvy mums are using their ironing board instead – and people think it's genius.

Nicola Lewis, the face behind The Girl Can Organise, shared the hack on her social pages, including Instagram and Facebook,saying she first saw it done on Gogglebox.

In the show, sisters Ellie and Izzie demonstrated the hack and revealed it's the best and easiest way to wrap presents.

Nicola shared a snap of her doing the same as she was sat on her sofa with the ironing board set up in front of her.

This allows her to sit comfortably on the sofa and watch the telly as she does it – and people are instantly on board.

She wrote: "I saw this hack on gogglebox and it’s totally blown me away! @ellie__warner showed us her fab wrapping skills using an ironing board whilst sitting on the sofa! Such a Genius idea!! No stretching or getting back ache whilst wrapping presents anymore."

And joked: "The only stretching i need to worry about is reaching for the margarita glass."

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But she isn't the only one drawn to the clever hack, as another mum dubbed it a "god send."

Sharing the idea on Facebook, she said: "Thought I'd share my way of avoiding sitting on the floor with back ache, sore legs and pins and needles whilst wrapping presents…"

She too had the ironing board set up in the living room, lowered to the perfect height, allowing her to sit and watch a Christmas movie as she wrapped her kids' presents.

The mum added that she doesn't have a big enough dining table she could sit at, and that she would normally sit on the floor which causes her back and hips to ache.

Thousands of parents commented on the post praising the clever and "genius" idea – although, it comes too late for many who admitted they've already wrapped their gifts.

"Wish I thought of that or seen this before I had done all my wrapping," one person said.

And another added: "Never thought to do this u have just saved my back hun will be doing this tonight !!! Merry Xmas"

One woman even dubbed it a "game changer", while another said: "I did this yesterday, quickest and best gift wrap ever. And no back ache after genius."

Many joked it was a good reason to "dust off the ironing board" and put it to use.

While others said you can even enjoy a drink or two without worrying about knocking it over.

Lynsey the Queen of Clean is a fan of the clever idea too, although she prefers to stand as she wraps her presents.

Sharing a snap on her Instagram, the cleaning guru stood over her ironing board which was covered in gift wrapping bits including ribbon, paper and stocky tape.

She wrote: "When I have quite a lot to wrap I like to create myself a wrapping station using my ironing board.

"Ironing boards make a great instant table and will keep you at a good height to save your back."

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So if you're a little late to the gift wrapping party and still have a lot to do, perhaps consider this idea to save you the trouble.

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