A MUM has shared a simple trick to stop bedsheets getting tangled in the tumble dryer – and it means crease-free bedding every single time.

Creative stylist Liz Amaya, from Brisbane, Australia, said there's nothing more annoying than scrunched up bedding after getting them out – and we couldn't agree more.

Her solution? Chuck in a couple of tennis balls with your load which will allow air to circulate and even speed up the drying time.

"It's easy to avoid tangles in the dryer when you know how," Liz posted on Instagram

She also warned not to overload your machine, as "everything should be kept loose and free to move".

To allow for this, you might be better offdrying your sheets, covers, pillowcases and towels separately to ensure the best results

And speaking of the tennis ball hack, she said: "Besides reducing wrinkles and fluffing towels, tennis balls allow air to circulate in the dryer.

"They also speed up the drying time while helping to separate folds and twists in the fabric."

Hundreds of people who watched the clip were pretty impressed by the unusual hack, admitting they'd never heard of using tennis balls before.

But willing to give it a go, one said: "Wow, I'll definitely be giving this a go – this is life-changing."

"Get out – that's wild," another added. 

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