A WEDDING guest bought fake nails for the big day – but immediately regretted it when she thought they'd KILL her.

Samantha, from Glasgow, accidentally glued her tongue to the roof of her mouth as she tried to apply the £8 set for the first time.

The 24-year-old struggled to speak and couldn't get her tonue loose.

Admin worker Sam feared the outcome of the mishap was her body being found in her home.

Talking on TikTok, she said: “It’s a horror story. I was in a panic because it was so horrendous. Just so bad.

“I laughed afterwards because I realised how much of a numpty I’d been. But at the time I was convinced I was going to die.

“I had visions of my boyfriend coming home from work and finding me dead behind the bathroom door.”

Samantha spent £8 on the French press-on nails from Amazon.

Trying to make application easier, she stuck the glue directly onto her own nails instead of the fake ones.

But disaster struck when she tried to lick off the residue – gluing her tongue in place.

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At the time she was on a FaceTime call to a friend who became extremely concerned for her.

Samantha said: “I started panicking and he started panicking asking if I was okay down the phone.

“I couldn’t really speak. Then I saw the packet and it said avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. That made it ten times worse.

“Death by French tipped glued-on nails from Amazon is what I was thinking.”

Samantha eventually got her tongue free by using mouthwash and brushing her teeth.

But the glue hung about for a couple of days and she eventually had to scrape it off.

She’s not been put off the nails completely but has vowed not to make the same blunder again.

Samantha, who revealed the mishap to fans on her Tiktok page,said: “I will definitely use them again.

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