A WOMAN has taken to Reddit to complain after her ex-husband's girlfriend asked to wear her wedding dress when she marries him.

The anonymous poster explained to users on the site that the bizarre request had arisen because she had become "really great friends" with her ex's new love.

She's also managed to maintain a friendship with her former spouse, with whom she has a five-year-old son, and therefore was aware when her ex – who she labelled K for the post – and his girlfriend, G, had "started talking about marriage".

"I guess G saw some old pictures of me in my wedding dress and has been raving about how pretty my dress is," the woman wrote.

"The other day we had coffee together and G brought up getting married soon. I told her how I happy I was for her.

"Things changed though when she asked if she could wear MY wedding dress."

Explaining that she was "really shocked" she'd even asked if she could wear the dress, the woman told her that she "was flattered", but said no.

"She immediately got extremely pouty and started to ask why," she continued.

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"I explained that I just wasn’t comfortable with her wearing my dress to marry my ex husband.

"She got really upset and started to cause a scene. I walked out knowing that she was not going to calm down."

Around an hour later, she received a call from her ex-husband asking her what had happened.

When she explained the situation, he "completely understood and was on my side" but "it didn’t end there".

According to the poster, G has persuaded her friends and family, and even the woman's work, to label her an asshole for "not sharing".

"G is claiming that I’m not over K and that I’m just doing this to ruin her wedding," she explained.

G also "told her friends and family that I offered for her to use the dress, but then backed out because I was jealous".

While the poster admitted that despite the fact it's "true" she's not completely over her ex, "part of me just doesn’t feel comfortable having her wear my dress".

"This whole argument has really put a strain on my ex’s and I’s relationship and the relationship around my son," she added.

"Part of me feels like I should give in, but I still just don’t feel comfortable with it. So, am I the asshole for not letting her wear my dress?"

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the majority of commenters were on the side of the poster, with one writing: "Just imagine being K and his soon to 2nd wife starts walking down the aisle and is wearing the same dress his ex wore this would be creepy as all hell.

"The crazier part is he hasn't proposed to her yet… Talking about getting married and being engaged are 2 different things."

"Can you imagine being him and seeing his wedding pics with two different women both wearing the same dress?" another person agreed.

"That seems super weird to me. I get liking someone else’s dress but wanting to wear it when marrying the same man is bizarre."

And someone else wrote: "Can you imagine a friend calling you and saying 'I need you to call my husbands ex and harass her because she won't let me have my wedding dress!'.

"Like, 99 per cent of humans would realise that is a totally unreasonable ask.

"And I also feel like every single person I know would be like 'I don't even like being on the phone with people I like, no I am not calling some random women because you want me to'."

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