A WOMAN has raged at her ‘toxic’ mother-in-law after she sent a Christmas card with an itemised list of everything she’d spent on them.

The woman claimed her husband’s mum would often pull stunts like this, as she shared the tone-deaf card on TikTok. 

She captioned the clip: “Toxic mother in law. Not the first time she’s done this.”

The woman uploaded a clip of the festive card online, which had birds on the front, which initially appeared sweet with a pre-printed holiday message. 

Alongside the season’s greetings, the mother-in-law had sent her son and daughter-in-law an itemised list of everything she’d spent on them this year. 

The woman said: “So this is our toxic mother-in-law. So I just want to preface this video by saying that there is no way you absolutely need to get a Christmas gift or give a Christmas gift.

Toxic mother in law. Not the first time she’s done this.

“But my mother-in-law, she chooses just to repetitively do this type of behaviour to my husband. 

“Instead of just saying she can’t afford a gift, or that she’s given more than enough this last year, she’ll send a card.

“And the card will say, y’know Merry Christmas, received a big blanket $112.40 Xfinity bill paid.

“$584.89 on electric bill! $697.29 + gift. Merry Christmas.” 

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The woman revealed her mother-in-law had stepped in to help financially after they lost their jobs – and couldn’t resist reminding them. 

The daughter-in-law continued: “Basically she’ll say hey, throughout the year I’ve done things for you guys and y’know she did those things when we lost our jobs due to Covid. 

“So that was really amazing but she chooses to send a card, basically reminding, hey you don’t get a gift because I’ve done all these other things. 

“When she literally could just, I don’t know, not give us one or just wish us a Merry Christmas.” 

The clip has been viewed thousands of times, as people slammed the older woman for her crass actions. 

One person said: “That’s not a Christmas card that’s an invoice.” 

Another wrote: “When you get a job again pay back every single penny and show her that you do not need her money.” 

A this thought: “Surprised she didn’t put the 1.98 for the Xmas card in there.” 

While this person added: “Don’t accept anything from her anymore.”

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