A WOMAN has been branded trashy after setting up a dating profile because her husband’s penis is too small.

Her Bumble bio was shared on Reddit, where she revealed you would be more likely to get a date if you “trash talked” her husband.

Sharing a series of selfies as well as a few snaps of her husband, she wrote: “I’m on here because my husband (the guy in the pics) doesn’t care about anything unless it has to do with his truck, football, ‘his bros’ or beer.

“Tired of being married to a 42 yr old man child who lacks maturity and has a microd***.

“Bonus points if you trash talk him in your first message.”

She continues: “If you have any ideas of how to do it right under his nose too I’m here for it.

“I love the idea of making him a worthless loser right in front of his face.

“Everyone warned me about dating a guy like [redacted] little did I know I’d be walking into a life without orgasms and a real man by my side.”

Redditors were horrified by the profile, sharing their outrage in the comments.

One wrote: “Don't wash your dirty laundry in the open. Either stay with him or leave him.”

“Well……at least she is honest…..LOL!!!!!!!” added another, while a third wrote, “Poor guy.”

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