YOU can’t always pick your neighbours and it’s always a lottery with who you could end up living next to.

But sometimes relationships can end up being not so neighbourly and can end up in feuds that last a lifetime.

Neighbours can bicker over louds noises, parking disputes or even an overgrown front garden, but this neighbour took it to another level.

A Reddit user seems to have found one of the best examples of ‘British pettiness’ out there in a hilarious photo.

The picture of two houses with a gated driveway in between them seems fairly normal, but it’s the front garden that captures the neighbourly dispute.

The two houses seem to share a small patch of land, with the left side of the garden looking preened and neat, but the right side looking unkempt with a large tree that overlooks the garden and drive.

Whatever row these neighbours had it seems to have been take out on the foliage.

Upon closer inspection, the tree has been completely trimmed on the side of the house with the gates – the tree has been trimmed down to a half.

The tree has been cut with a perfect straight line down the middle, leaving nothing to hang over the driveway.

The post was titled: “Some traditional British pettiness on display.”

Reddit users went crazy over the hilarious display of passive-aggressiveness and has been liked over 32,600 times.

One user wrote: “Ha.. The wrought iron gate really sets it off nicely. Feel like I know the exact guy.”

Another user said he had his own trouble with a former neighbour and claimed they only ever spoke to him when they wanted to cut down the ivy in front of his house.

Despite declining numerous times, the neighbour had gone ahead and done it anyway – when the house was in the process of being sold.

A third commented: “On the front of your house? What a dickhead that’s not even on his property lmao.”

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