AS the world welcomes a new royal baby, psychics have revealed what’s in store for the royals this year – and they reckon there will be another pregnancy announcement. 

The team at Psychic World have set out what the next 12 months will look like, with a new witness stepping forward with 'troubling facts' about Princess Diana's death

And it’s going to be an especially busy time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Sussex's stepped back from royal life last year and relocated to California with their son, Archie, making talks and appearances via video links during the pandemic. 

With a return to normal life on the horizon, experts predict the couple will go from “strength to strength”, and have “big plans for the future”.

“Meghan will spearhead a very high profile campaign for Woman's Rights especially focusing on domestic violence and abuse.

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“Meghan herself will be taken seriously as a feminist powerhouse by the Media and the two of them will feel inspired and motivated to reach greater heights to assist those in need,” they revealed. 

But a reconciliation with the royals doesn’t appear to be on the cards – and if anything the rift will deepen, it’s claimed. 

The team said: “The two of them are going to be powerful influencers of the youth and will distance themselves more and more from the Royal family.

“They will focus more on their needs as individuals as opposed to belonging to the House of Windsor.”

A return to the UK is also ruled out, as they say: “They will become popular socialites in the USA and will spearhead many successful fundraising campaigns.”

In November the couple tragically revealed Meghan suffered a miscarriage in an opinion piece for the New York Times. 

After the devastating loss, the team predict the couple will have good news to share this coming year, saying “there will be an announcement of a pregnancy”. 

And Meghan’s piece could be an indicator for another venture she will pursue, with the experts predicting: “The two of them will also focus more on mental health awareness and Meghan may very well take up a post of being a regular columnist to a high profile syndication.”

They will focus more on their needs as individuals as opposed to belonging to the House of Windsor

That’s not the only thing Meghan could be writing, with the mum-of-one also eyeing up childrens’ books, the team theorised. 

They said: “Meghan may bring out a range of children's books that will be empowering in their format.”

Meanwhile Prince Harry will take a different approach, as it’s predicted: “Harry will focus his attention back onto Africa which captured his heart many years ago.”

Overall the couple will focus on charity and youth work, with Psychic World saying: “2021 is a time for new beginnings for the young Royals and many will be surprised at how powerful they will be in changing and empowering the lives of the downtrodden.

“Team Sussex will be a strong team in 2021 and have an important role in changing and influencing the world in which we live.”

More shockwaves are set to ripple through the royal family this year, as fresh evidence will shed light on Princess Diana’s death, it’s claimed. 

More than 20 years after her tragic death in 1997, new information could be coming to light surrounding the events in Paris. 

The experts said: “For years there has been many speculations about what caused the fatal car accident in Paris.

“A new, never before heard of witness will come forward with troubling facts that will question the official version.”

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