HALLOWEEN may be over but pumpkins are still scaring us – after midwives carved the ten stages of labour into them.

Taking their pumpkin decorating to the extreme, they illustrated how much a cervix dilates during childbirth – up to ten centimetres.

Midwives from the Royal Oldham Hospital, in Lancashire, used the mouths of ten pumpkins to show the cervix from 1cm dilated to 10cm – and the results are terrifying.

The team added googly eyes onto the gourds to give them suitably horrified facial expressions – which have resonated with mums.

Sharing the image of their handiwork to Facebook, Pregnant Chicken said: “These dilation pumpkins are the scariest thing I’ve seen all night.”

The post has racked up 42,000 comments as women were shocked at seeing a visual representation of what their bodies go through during childbirth.

But it put others off any more children, with one mum saying: “Well that settles it. My kid remains an only child.”

Another said: “I'm due in a couple weeks, on my second child, and this is still horrifying.”

A third wrote: “My vagina hurts just looking at these pictures. #itremembers.”

Agreeing, this woman added: “I feel this in my soul/vagina.”

This parent commented: “6cm looks impossible let alone 10cm. Was a very long time ago but still makes my eyes water.”

Another added: “Finding it amusing that the look on the faces of the pumpkins kind of matches the mother at each stage!”

This mum said: “As someone who’s only had C-sections, this looks terrifying!”

And this mother added: “I am always in awe of what our bodies can do. Mother nature. Incredible.”

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