‘Sassy’ School of Strut claims to boost body confidence by encouraging women to dance around to Destiny’s Child in heels

DOES the idea of dancing in your underwear in front of a room full of strangers fill you with dread?

If so, you might benefit from signing up to Zoe McNulty's School of Strut – an empowering, sass-filled dance class aimed at boosting body confidence and self-esteem.

The nationwide workshops – side effects of which include "increased levels of sass and an unprecedented rise in self confidence" – were created by International Fitness Presenter Zoe after years of worrying about what other people thought of her body.

The aim was simple: Help women feel empowered, fun, feminine and fabulous – while "finding and releasing" their inner diva.

The classes – which have soared in popularity over the last few years – are specifically designed to help women develop their self-confidence.

They involve learning a sassy dance routine, first in trainers, before switching to heels – hence the strutting.


F R I Y A Y S ——————————————————————— This is what we do on FriYays! We meet up at @pineappledancestudios in Covent Garden and get super sassy and rather sweaty! WARNING ⚠️ : there are showers to clean off the sweat (bring a towel) but NOTHING will wash away the increased confidence! School of Strut takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for any “out of character” behaviour resulting from Divanomics classes! There’s a formula to being a diva: you WERK IT OUT! ——————————————————————— #strutology #raunch #divanomics #danceclass #sexydance #strut #highheels #schoolofstrut #motherstrutter#strutsummit #whyistrut #strutify #pineappledancestudios #coventgarden #backupbabes #dalston #werkitout

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The heels are optional, however, and there's also "strut practice" to make participants feel more comfortable.

After which, the "finale" routine is performed to an empowering track – think Destiny's Child, Queen Bey or Whitney Houston – which according to Zoe is "where the magic really happens".

According to the website, School of Strut "takes full responsibility for any seemingly out of character actions made by Strutters as a direct result of coming to class.

"These actions may include the purchasing of bikinis, dancing on tables, being intimate with neglected partners, procreation, marriage, divorce and other life changing occurrences."


F R E A KM E —————————————————— Strutology Socials bring strangers together who become firm friends. I see it all the time. I see their conversations on Facebook and it warms my heart. The community developing at School of Strut is just beautiful: a fabulous shared experience forging strong bonds. . Why not join us at @pineappledancestudios for the next one on March 29th, 7-8pm – DM for the booking link or go to IGTV to watch the rest of this video and find the link there. ——————————————————————— #strutology #raunch #divanomics #danceclass #sexydance #strut #highheels #schoolofstrut #motherstrutter#strutsummit #whyistrut #itsametaphor #strutify #pineappledancestudios

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Strut alumni can't stop gushing about the classes either, with one calling it "such a pleasure to dance alongside these beautiful women" while another said: "I ‘just embraced’ the moment and strutted my stuff, highly recommend it to EVERYONE."

And while all you'll need to wear is comfy clothes to dance in, some Strut School students have even been strutting their stuff in their underwear.

And they're not the only ones keeping it real.

In a bid to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in their own skin, celebrities and influencers are taking the movement one step further by posting their own body positive videos – which involves them dancing in their knickers – online.

The likes of Chessie King, Louise Thompson and Taylah Roberts have all been getting involved and have been praised by followers for "being transparent and real" online.


I DON’T THINK YOU’RE READY FOR THIS BELLY… COS MA BODIES TOO WOBBLE-ICIOUS FOR YOU BAAAABE ? – I’m going to make a music video & you’re all going to be in it. I’maaa being serious, I want you all to feel liberated & freeeeee in your bawdy. – You don’t have to post anything just send me your versions of this video (you can mouth or sing) & I’ll edit them all together & tag you all in & we can get to number one in the music video chart & make the whole world feel confident in their own bodiessss. love you bye let’s do thissss ??‍???‍???‍♀️????‍???‍??? – @megan_rose_lane can you handle this? @taylahroberts1 can YOU handle this?

A post shared byC H E S S I EK I N G (@chessiekingg) on


I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while but in all honesty I haven’t taken many ‘bikini or body shots’ recently because I’ve been working at a desk A LOT more than usual ??. I was also a little apprehensive to put something of this nature out there considering my reputation in the fitness space, HOWEVER, having read @lucymeck1’s courageous post yesterday, @aliceliveings the week before and of course my babe of a friend @chessieking’s constant body positivity content I thought why not strike while the iron is hot (Thanks girls)! Plus the daily mail have kindly stalked me to Ibiza so thanks for giving me some much needed comparison content. ⁣ ⁣ Here is a compilation of images that are ME, me, me, me, me, me. They are shot at different times of the day, at different angles, in different light, before food, after food, having woken up at 4am to travel, post drinking at my best friends wedding the night before, downing litres of water, being on my period, pre coffee, all things that can make quite a big difference to ones body. LUCKILY I surround myself with cool people and a loving bf who don’t make me feel ashamed to trot around in the sea when I’m not looking ‘ultimately shredded’, but I hate the idea of people being so self conscious that they can’t enjoy themselves on holiday. Please stop comparing yourself to other people, life is so short and only when it’s too late will you look back and see how much time you’ve wasted. I promise you being thin isn’t what makes us creatures happy ??. (Exercise and a comprehensive diet can, but there is also a lot of other important stuff too)⁣ ⁣ And to all the haters in the comments, I will probs wake up tomorrow with an 8-pack because I am strong and fit and take care of my body AND I ate 5 courses of Italian food at dinner last night which will fuel my muscles that are looking a little deflated here, so ?? off. Ps. I urge you to swipe until the last image as it is probably the best thing since sliced bread ? I look like the receptionist from monsters university

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CHESSIE, can you handle this? (She can defs handle it?) @chessiekinggJiggling was literally always one of my worst fears in life. I remember in primary school I would pinch my thighs and calves wondering why they were so much bigger than the other girls. Why did I have to wear sizes that were so much bigger? Why was I so much taller and broader? Diet culture somehow had already weaved its way into my adolescent brain and I was dieting from a very young age. I used to eat plain wheat-bix for breakfast because sugar was the enemy and I would run on a treadmill after school until I couldn’t go any further desperately wanting to look like the girls who always won cross country. When I failed I blamed my willpower, my lack of self control and just kept thinking that the next week when I started all over that this time would be different. THIS is what I want young girls to avoid, to teach them that there are far worse things in life than a jiggle or a roll. If you are jiggling YOU ARE LIVING! And that in itself is incredible. I’m not going to lie, posting this slightly terrified me but I wanted to prove to myself that no matter what others think I still am capable of loving myself. Can YOU handle that?I challenge you to take a little video and send it over to @chessiekingg she’s about to make THE most iconic film clip???✨ Summer is coming ladies. Get that bikini body out, we’ve all got them. No matter what size you are??? #bodyconfidence #bodylove #jiggle

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And the movement seems to be taking off, with the stars tagging other pals to also take part in the practice.

To book one of Zoe's Strutology classes, visit Eventbrite now.

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