A SAVVY dad has revealed his clever bunk bed hack which ensures both of his sons get privacy when sharing a bedroom.

Ricky Beach shared how he wanted to find a way to section off the room so his two boys have their own space.

His smart solution was to add dividers above and below the bunks so each child has their own half of the bedroom.

Ricky posted photos of the end result on Facebook, and wrote: “So I asked the other day on here about ideas to split up the boys room and this is what we settled on and it's pretty smart.

“Still needs painting (weekend job) I just wanted to share as I haven't seen it done with a double and single bunk bed setup before.”

Many parents were highly impressed with his design, and his post has racked up nearly 2,000 likes.

One person wrote: “This is brilliant.”

Another added: “Literally done this last week, my girls love their new rooms! 

“Yours looks fab, especially with the double and I bet your children will love having their own space too.”

A third raved: “Wow, great job looks amazing.”

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