THERE’S nothing better than bagging a load of goodies for a fraction of the price, and one savvy mum knows just the trick to this. 

Sophie Lewins, 24, from Northumberland, has been inspired by the recent popularity of cleaning products and is making personalised cleaning hampers for her family. 

The mum-of-two used some savvy online discounts and bargain packaging from Amazon to prepare the cleaning hampers. 

And she managed to bag a load of the items with major discounts. 

Sophie managed to create each hamper for between £5 to £7, when they should have cost £15 to £18 full price. 

Speaking to, Sophie says: “Gifting can be expensive when you have a big family and lots of people to buy for, so I thought if I bulk-bought lots of products and made cleaning hampers for everyone, it saves me money and cleaning products always come in useful.


"I saw on Facebook that there was a big 50% sale on Fabulosa cleaning products.

“There was 50% off, then an extra 20% off for first orders.

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“When I went on to the website, I saw that £1 bottles were down to 50p and £2 bottles were down to £1.

"When I got the 20 per cent off for creating an account added to the total, they'd made an error and it was in fact 40 per cent off the total cost.

"The subtotal with the 50 per cent off came to £36.19 then with the added 40% off on top it dropped down to £21.72 with free shipping.

"I bought 69 items for less than £22, and I made my family cleaning hampers for Christmas using the boxes that the products came in as I've found proper hamper sets can be pricey for a decent size one.

"I got 20 large cellophane bags and 20 bows off Amazon for £8 to complete the hampers.

"My sister Chloe helped me make them.

I didn't think they'd turn out as nice as they did

“We made four hampers altogether so when I bought the products, most things were four of each product.

"I didn't think they'd turn out as nice as they did!

“The main tips I would have if you want to do the same is putting the large or heavy items at the back, and adding some shredded paper or tissue paper underneath to give the items at the front a height boost.

"I'll definitely be making hampers for my family again next year for Christmas – maybe not cleaning products since I've already done that, but something different!

"I always love saving money where I can.

"I've hit gold with a lot of sales and bargains in the past both online and in stores.

"It was amazing that I could make four people happy with those hampers at such a low price, and I even had some products left over for myself after.

"They were over the moon with them, and they said they'll not have to buy cleaning products for a very long time!

“The hampers cost about £5 to £7 each to make, and they would have cost £15 to £18 per hamper if I had paid full price for the products.

"Saving money feels just as good, if not better, than spending money!"

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