A SIX-year-old boy left his parents in stitches after drawing an adorable picture of them, showing his daddy a bit too excited to see mummy. 

Oscar Varley showed off artistic skills with a sweet drawing of his mum, Julie Hutson, and his dad Marcus Varley, which looked a little X-rated. 

Jule, 44, said she had to stifle a laugh after Oscar presented her with his version of ‘Daddy saying hello to mummy’. 

The drawing shows Marcus, 44, with a giant arm, which resembles something much naughtier. 

Julie, from West Yorkshire, explained: “It is meant to be his hand. He is supposed to be pointing at me but, as I and many people online say, it looks far ruder. He's far too excited to see me.

"It was quite funny. Daddy is supposed to saying hello to mummy. His dad looks nothing like that. His hair is nothing like that. He looks quite emo in the picture but it looks nothing like us.

"And of course I look so tiny in it too. I looked scared in it. It really is quite random.

"He brought it home from his childminder's home. It really was quite funny.

"Marcus thought it was absolutely hilarious. As you can imagine, he was quite impressed."

It’s not the first time Oscar’s drawings have resembled something phallic, after the lad drew a house which raised some eyebrows. 

Julie, a HR manager, added: “He loves his drawing. They can be really quite detailed. He also did, some years ago, a house shaped like a penis too so he has form.

"Both got a really good reaction online.

"I think these sort of things make people laugh. They're innocent but funny too."

Julie shared the hilarious snap on social media, where it’s since gone viral. 

One person commented on the snap, joking: “You look a bit frightened sat in that chair. I can't imagine why."

Another posted: "This is so funny. Thanks for making my day."

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