Fashion brands are coming up with unique new (and dare we say delicious?) ways to create shoes that look good without harming Mother Earth. In fact, one brand is on a mission to become fully vegan and plant-based by the end of this year. And no, we're not talking about their diets; we're talking about the materials used in the production of its incredibly stylish designer shoes that are made from apples. Yes, apples. As in the fruit.

Sylven New York is the label to keep your eye on, as it's making serious moves in the sustainable footwear world. The brand writes on its website, "For us, 'sustainability' means defending and protecting our natural resources, and minimizing the environmental impact of our consumption and decision-making." 

Oftentimes, vegan leather is derived from plastic (or recycled plastic), which honestly doesn't quite fit the eco-friendly bill. But a vegan leather made from organic apple waste? That sounds much better. You can read all about Sylven's approach to using plant-based materials here, but the TL;DR is basically this: The brand uses waste from apples grown in Tyrol (like the core and the skins that would otherwise be tossed out), which is then turned into pulp that's bound to a fabric. The end result is a leather-like material that's 100 percent vegan and animal-free.

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Sylven's boots prove that waste (in this case, the waste of apples) can be turned into something beautiful. And people are taking notice. So many of the brand's apple leather styles, which includes an assortment of jaw-droppingly gorgeous boots, like these two-tone booties, as well as sneakers, have sold out multiple times in the past year and racked up an extensive waitlist in the process. If you want a pair, you'll want to add your name to the list because they're only going to get more popular as word gets out.

Customers who've been lucky enough to snag a pair are, unsurprisingly, obsessed. "When these babies arrived I was taken back at how beautiful they are in person," one reviewer wrote, adding, "The fit is true to size for me and quite comfortable. I love how bold they are… the quality of the boot is amazing. Anyone reading this, you need these boots."

Comfort? Check. Style? Check. Sustainable design? Hell yes. Shop the boots that are destined to take over the NYC streets in a matter of weeks below.

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Shop now: $395;

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