Like pretty much everyone during this ongoing pandemic, leggings and sweatpants (basically anything with stretch, ya feel?) have been my wardrobe go-to. Yes, I’ve eased back into wearing jeans and denim occasionally, but nowhere near as frequently as I used to. I was looking for new bottoms to wear that struck the right balance between “I tried to get ready today” and “I still don’t want to deal with a zipper and buttons” when I came across these cropped flare leggings from Splits59.

The brand’s best-selling style is its Raquel flared leggings, but this cropped version was too cute to ignore. (Splits59 very kindly gifted them to me to try, but honestly, after wearing them, I would buy another pair.) They have four-way stretch fabric that’s completely opaque, so you don’t have to worry about your underthings showing with a flimsy, sheer material. Below are just some other reasons why I’m obsessed.

The pros:

The cons:

And really that’s it! Okay, so they are a bit ‘spensive at almost $100, which can be a lot of money for some black cropped leggings. Just think about how often you think you’ll wear them before pulling the trigger. In case you haven’t guessed, I wear them A LOT. (Splits59’s website also allows you to break up the payments using QuadPay, if that’s something you’re interested in.) But if you do decide to treat yourself to this pair, trust me when I say they’re gonna be your favorite, most versatile leggings in your closet.


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