We Promise You Can Wear This Super Cute Loungewear Anywhere — Even Out to Dinner

Just because we’re finally allowed to spend more time outside of our houses this summer doesn’t mean the comfy cozy loungewear we’ve been living in all year will go back on the shelf. In the next few months, the long-overdue rise of comfort in fashion is shifting from a circumstantial trend to a permanent priority. Basically, whoever said beauty is pain didn’t know where to shop for stylish sweats.

Tie-dye sweat sets were all the rage last year, but now there are slightly more subtle loungewear options available that blur the line between pajamas and everyday wear. We’re talking about the kinds of pieces that look like polished frocks or wide leg trousers from afar, but are made from stretchy, soft fabrics that feel as pillowy as your favorite hoodie. Keep reading for a list of chic loungewear items that you won’t think twice about wearing to the grocery store, or even out to dinner.

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