A NICE smile has the power of transforming your face, leaving you instantly looking more vibrant and younger.

But in the age of social media and perfection, many seem to be unhappy with their natural teeth – and here's where veneers come in handy.

Although extremely popular, the teeth upgrading procedure can leave you with quite a hole in your budget – a single porcelain tooth can cost up to £1000.

If you don't want to spend that much money on the perfect Hollywood smile, Amazon and other retailers offer a wide range of snap-on veeners.

However, you should do it at your own risk, as a woman shared a video on TikTok of her unable to take off the pearly whites.


The TikTok user, @j.u.s.t.j.a.y., jumped on the recent trend of ordering ready-made stuck-on veeners online.

But while trying on the new set of snow-white teeth, she quickly realised they're not coming off as easily.

No matter how hard she tried to pull them, the veeners seemed to be stuck.

The LGBTQIA supporter tried different numerous time – but to no avail.

Although she did appear to find the situation slightly amusing, she was left with perfectly white and straight teeth on top that didn't match the bottom line.

Some viewers were concerned about her, with one writing: “What you having for dinner? Could be interesting!''

“Well, at least you'll be able to eat an apple through a letterbox,'' one viewer seemed to have found a silver lining.

After a further investigation, it appears Jay's been able to remove the veeners at some point, as her most recent videos show her natural teeth!

If you fancy a fresh smile, maybe Amazon isn't the place to go to…

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