WE love a trip to B&M – whether we've got a specific item in mind or are just going to browse the aisles.

One woman and her best mate took their love of B&M a step further by pledging to go to every single store in Britain.

There are over 600 stores throughout the UK.

Writing on the Facebook group B&M Bargains and More, she said: "Random one! So me and my bestie have made it our mission to travel to every B&M in Britain.

The B&M super fan has been trolled online by people who think their ambitious plight is silly and potentially dangerous.

Some people suggested visiting so many different parts of the country could end up spreading coronavirus around different parts of the UK.

While others thought the mission was simply a waste of time, with one person commenting that  the two friends should 'get a life'.

One person commented, "You gotta be joking, right?"

Another simply asked, "Why?"

Others raised concerns on how travelling to so many different places might infect others.

One woman said: "Just wait until the virus has gone, Scotland's rive with positive, as is the north of England, plus not sure you're allowed to leave certain boundaries anyway. But good luck on your future adventure."

The current government advice hasn't ruled out non-essential travel within the UK, although people have been urged to follow local advice when travelling to, in and out of areas with localised restrictions.

Meanwhile, other members of the group have supported the two women on their venture, encouraging them to document their journey on an Instagram page.

One person said: "We also want photos of you outside every single one."

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