A WOMAN has revealed the major inconsistencies in women's clothing by trying on the same size trousers in a variety of brands, with not all of them fitting.

Posting to her Instagram account, Emma Storey has uploaded videos where she tried on jeans and trousers in a size 12 from different UK brands.

In one clip, a pair of size 12 jeans from River Island fit her perfectly, whereas she couldn't even button up a pair of the same size jeans from Zara.

A pair of jeans from New Look did up with ease and in a second video, a different pair of trousers from New Look fit perfectly again. However, a pair of trousers from the brand F&F couldn't even button up.

While a previous pair of trousers from River Island fit perfectly, this time a bright red pair from the brand could barely make it up her thighs.


Emma is a blogger who aims to show other women that sizing can be inconsistent and that it's not worth getting hung up over clothing sizes.

She also previously uploaded a photo where she tried on a pair of size 12 and size 14 jeans.

In the shot, the size 12 pair fit her perfectly, whereas the size 14 pair can't even do up.

The Instagrammer wrote: "GIRLLLL, here's your daily reminder to forget about the numbers on your clothes.

"The photo above shows two different sized jeans both from River Island. Funnily enough, the size 12 fits and the size 14 doesn't. This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of why you shouldn't fixate on sizes.

"Things have changed over the decades. 1. Our bodies have changed over time and we've become curvier and 2. clothing is produced on a mass scale.

"YOU are not the problem and them numbers do not define you! So what if you have to go up a size, if it's a perfect fit and it makes you feel good, it doesn't matter what is on that label.

"Remember, clothes are meant to fit you. Not the other way round!"

People have praised Emma for her content, with many sharing their own thoughts on UK clothing sizes.

"So true. Size is just a number. Clothes should fit us not the other way around," one person wrote.

"You are so right on this. Depending on the brands I’m two different sizes and just go with what fits better. As long as it makes you feel good," said another.

A third person revealed that some brands change their sizes out completely out of the blue.

She commented: "Brands also just randomly change sizes! My favourite jeans are from River Island and I always bought the same size of the exact same pair (bought one per year) because it fit perfectly even with my weight fluctuating slightly. And then I bought them again and all of a sudden I couldn’t even close them.

"So I compared and they were almost an inch tighter than the ones I’ve owned. Bought another one because I thought this one was wrongly labelled but the same thing again.

"Ended up contacting Customer service and they said they “rebranded their jeans” but they didn’t change anything besides their sizes. Still confused as to why."

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