YOU'RE probably making this major mistake with your concealer and it could be causing more harm than you think.

Melissa Murdick is a celebrity makeup artists based in Los Angeles and she recently explained why dabbing your concealer directly onto breakouts.

According to the pro rubbing the applicator of your concealer straight onto your a fresh spot you could be contaminating the product.

If you've been picking at your spots, let's face it who doesn't? Then smearing concealer onto the open wound can transfer the bacteria into the rest of your favourite concealer.

Not only that, but Melissa says too much concealer actually makes your spots look worse.

"Cakey makeup of a zit defeats the purpose because it stands out even more," she explains.


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So what should you do instead?

Before applying makeup you should always wash your hands first, but especailly if you've been picking at any breakouts.

Then put a small amount of your concealer onto the back of your hand "so you've got a little palette to work from."

"Then you're going to take a very small brush," the makeup pro says.

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It doesn't even have to be a makeup brush, Melissa bought hers from a craft shop.

"The goal is to have a very small targeted brush so you can pick up a little bit of your concealer and pat it right on top of the area you want to cover," she explains in the clip.

Don't rub in to product straight away though, let it sit "for about 10 seconds" before blending into your skin with a fluffier brush.

Pat the brush onto the concealer and then do the same around the edges to blend.

Mellissa says: "This will be so much less cakey because we used a fraction of the product that you would be using if you were actually dabbing the concealer on your face."

Finally, don't set your freshly concealed spots with powder "as this can add to the cakeiness."

Instead use a setting spray to keep everything in place all day.

Fellow makeup fans were shocked to discover the potentially dangerous mistake they'd been making.

One said: "Welp, all of my concealers are contaminated then."

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A second commented: "Finally someone who understands that contamination is a real issue with applicators. I use a cotton bud always on my zits."

"I tried this and it worked so well," someone else raved.

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