YOU might have thought that washing your hair is pretty straightforward but it turns out you might be doing it all wrong. 

And it could be the reason why it has stopped growing too. 

A health influencer has revealed there’s a common mistake most people make. 

In the video, Taylor Rose shared to her 502.4k followers, she wrote: “You’re using hot tools more than once a week and shampooing too often.”

While brushing her hair, she demonstrates just how long it is. 

And fans loved it, with one writing: “Uhhh how is yours so healthy.” 


Another added a quirky tip, by writing: “Filter your water too, too much calcium in water is also bad.” 

However, some questioned what she said with one writing: “I wash my hair everyday and it grows.” 

Taylor often shares videos on how to keep your hair healthy. 

In another video, she told her followers how to help get your hair to grow six inches in a year. 

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She wrote: “Start adding rosemary oil to your shampoo and sleep in a silk pillow cap.” 

People loved her tip, with one writing: “Rosemary oil is the new MOVE for hair growth.” 

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