DRY shampoo is a godsend for those days when we're running late and don't have the time for a full showering routine.

But more often than not, the magic spray also leaves a white residue on our hair, which is particularly frustrating for those with darker locks.

However, it's about to change, as one hair and beauty enthusiast revealed a hack that not only will keep the residue at bay but will also leave you with loads of volume.

Nicole, who to her 54,000 TikTok fans is known for hair tutorials, took to social media, where she shared the trick in a video titled 'One of my best kept dry shampoo secrets'.

Most of us tend to just spray the product right on the top layer of our hair – and if that's you, Nicole urged to stop making this mistake.

Instead, she demonstrated, start with your hair parted and take a small section in the middle.

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Whilst holding it and overdirecting it to the other side, grab your favourite dry shampoo and spray it right onto the roots.

''You are going to continue to take sections down your head.

''As you get down, it doesn't matter how thick or big the sections are.

''And when you flip your hair over, it just gives you so much volume,'' she said, before running through with her fingers.

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Sharing the hack, Nichole claimed it would make blending the powder ''a lot easier'' and you won't get any white spots all over your head.

''Next time you use dry shampoo, try this trick!''

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For those wanting to find a more natural solution to dry shampoo, one beauty whizz recently revealed a 3p product that will keep your locks clean for over a week.

Those with greasy hair know what a struggle it is to keep it looking clean and fresh – and sometimes it feels like no amount of dry shampoo will do the job.

This was a problem one beauty lover, Isabella Traboscia, used to be familiar with for years… until she came up with an inexpensive solution – using corn starch, also known as corn flour here, in the UK.

According to Isabella, who shared the hair hack on TikTok, not only does it cost next to nothing but the kitchen staple will also keep your locks looking fresh for more than a week.

''If you have greasy hair, I'm gonna change your life,'' she promised in the now-viral video.

''I've tried every dry shampoo from drugstore to high-end – corn starch can make my hair last eight days.''

Isabella, who has more than 100k fans following her, then proceeded to demonstrate the trick, for which you need a little corn four and a dense make-up brush.

''You need the tiniest bit on the brush and just pat it in.

''Blend it out like you would your make-up.

''It's also not flammable chemicals on your scalp,'' she added.

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Although there was a little mess of the leftover powder on her sweatshirt, Isabella was impressed at the results.

''Look at that difference! My hair looks clean again.''

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