WE all wash our hair, but it turns out that we may have been doing it incorrectly all these years. 

Senior stylist Gareth William, from SALON64, has revealed the secret to a good hair-washing technique, including shampooing twice and never rubbing hair dry.

Gareth told Fabulous: “Hair washing is something we all take for granted, but who has actually been shown how to wash your hair correctly?”

He shared how before washing, you should take your brush through the areas underneath your hair where friction can occur from scarves and coats.

Next, thoroughly wet the hair, as soaking the locks will help the product evenly spread. 

He added: “The water temperature should not be too hot or too cold, but a tepid temperature to prevent activation of the sebaceous glands.

“Start soaking the hair around the hairline, going from one side to side. Then work into the crown area eventually going down the hair.

“Get rid of any excess moisture before shampooing, as this will prevent the shampoo from becoming diluted.”

Then it is time to shampoo, and you should use a small amount of product and work this through your hands before running through your hair. 

Gareth advised: “Start with the hairline first before taking your hair into a ponytail and running the shampoo through this.

“Use a technique called ‘rotary’. Using the tips of your fingers and thumbs, start at the hairline and work the product down to the top of the ears and behind, going back up and then repeating the motion three times. 

“Use the same technique in the centre of the hair and work to the crown (repeating three times), and the same in the main hair area up, eventually using the wider parts of your hands.

“You will not see much lather from the shampoo, but this is okay – the first shampoo removes excess dirt, pollution and product build-up.”

Add a little more water and start the shampooing process again and remove excessive product. 

The stylist advised that particular areas to focus on are behind the ears and neck as these areas are often missed.

Once shampooed, dry off the hair and then condition – use a small amount of conditioner and work it into the hands, focusing on the mid-length to end of the hair first. 

Get rid of any excess moisture before shampooing, as this will prevent the shampoo from becoming diluted.

Bring your hair into a ponytail and work the product in.

Once applied, bring your hair into a ponytail, and brush your hair down gently to allow your conditioner to work through the hair and for all the active ingredients to really soak in.

Gareth added: “Leave your conditioner in the hair for a few minutes so it receives all its benefits before rinsing.

“When drying hair, use a towel which is not too old and is still quite soft and wrap it around your hair gently. 

“Firmly press onto the towel so it can soak up all moisture from the hair.

“Do not rub your hair! This will damage the cuticles and it will cause more friction and damage to the hair.

“Finish off by brushing the hair gently down.”

So there you have it! You should now be able to achieve salon-worthy hair results after your routine hair wash.

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