Hilaria Baldwin is the wife of Alec Baldwin and she rules Instagram with her pictures. The pictures feature everyone in her household, including the pets, and are accompanied by cute captions. We have crowned her queen of this social media due to her prowess and 705k followers.

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This list focuses on the reasons why no one can take the queen status away from Hilaria Baldwin. The way she manages her life and connects with her fans is something other celebrities on this platform fail to achieve. Keep reading to learn about the ten reasons why Hilaria Baldwin is the queen of Instagram!

10 She Gives Fitness Tips

She is constantly showing different workouts she does at home on her Instagram that are easy enough for anyone to do. There is no heavy equipment involved, and most times, she performs the exercises in clothing we wouldn’t dare let touch the floor.

She makes it all look so easy, but it gives a lot of followers new ideas as to where to take their daily regime. Hilaria listens to her followers and tends to tailor content based on what they want and ask for, which is why she is the reigning queen.

9 Hilaria Shares Personal Stories

Hilaria recently had a miscarriage, and she chose to share that information with her fans. It happened after she completed her first trimester, and she shared this picture after her day of heartbreak.

She could have hidden this fact from the media, but instead, she took it all in stride and sought out her network of followers for comfort. It is hard to go through something like this, and it can become even worse when those who look to tear you down find out these things about your personal life.

8 Her Family Is Adorable

The Baldwin family currently has 3 sons and 1 daughter who comprise about 90% of Hilaria’s regular Instagram feed. They are fun and goofy as they regularly dress up in costumes or take routine trips out and about.

Their kids love to dance and play with one another as good siblings always do. The family spends a lot of time together as they find fun activities to enjoy and we are lucky enough to see these gatherings through photos on her feed.

7 Outfits She Wears Are Beyond Stylish

Hilaria might have a busy life between her workouts and caring for her children, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand style. She is constantly dressing up in fashionable outfits that we could only dream of owning.

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They include things like dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, and more. She is an icon of this industry and flaunts it in her feed like it is nothing. Mom’s everywhere are jealous of how put together she looks with these articles of clothing, and we would be lying if we said we weren’t a little jealous too.

6 Alec Baldwin Is Her Soulmate

The age difference between them is quite large as Alec is 61 years old and Hilaria is only 35 years old, but age is just a number. It is obvious they complete each other by the smiles on their faces and the subtle jokes in some of her posts.

He even participates in all of the children’s antics as he dresses up with them and plays with them in every spare moment he has. They truly do make a wonderful couple and they are people we look up to when we try and find people to model our relationships after.

5 She Is A Great Mom

Some celebrities let others care for their kids more than they do, but that is not the case when it comes to the Baldwins. Hilaria is constantly with them throughout the day as she takes them places and plays with them at home.

They are the main attraction on her Instagram feed, and it shows just how much they love her. The children idolize her and their love for their parents is obvious in their actions. We hope she keeps us posted as they continue to grow older because they are the true stars of this queen’s feed.

4 Hilaria Shows That Life Isn’t Always Perfect

Some celebrities aim to create a perfect world that doesn’t show the mishaps and mayhem that happen throughout the week. It is a known fact that kids are messy and wild, but she doesn’t hide that from her followers.

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Instead, she embraces this and shows other moms that they should accept this fact of life too. It is not uncommon for her kids to be seen out in public still in their pajamas, as kids don’t always like to stick to your schedule or sense of style.

3 Her Kids Are Hilarious

Hilaria might be a poised and stylish celebrity, but her kids are not about that lifestyle. They like to be silly and act like goofballs on numerous occasions. We are lucky that Hilaria captures these moments and posts them for the world to enjoy.

We love the antics of the household and how they act with each other, as the boys seem to stick together. The boys are always causing trouble, but it is not uncommon for their sister to be close behind to join in on the commotion.

2 She Is A Role Model For Other Moms

It can be hard for moms to find the time to exercise, care for their children, and manage a career. Hilaria roles them all into one as she frequently shares tips and tricks for moms to help them better care for themselves, even when children are in the picture.

She always looks great, acts like nothing can bring her down, and takes any unfortunate events in stride. She is an Insta queen that mothers look up to as they face troubles in their own lives as they struggle to balance their own plates.

1 Hilaria’s Dogs Turn Even The Biggest Cat Person

Hilaria has three dogs who are constantly running around her home. They recently took in the third to foster until a new home comes available, but we have a feeling they will end up keeping it.

Their original two dogs are named Dama and Gitana and the new addition was named Diego Manchego. We love seeing her pooches on her feed because their furry faces always fill our hearts with joy. We can’t wait to see how their new foster continues to adapt to the family as the pet of the queen of Instagram.

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