UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan is the most popular and richest podcaster to date. His show features a wide range of guests from celebrities to doctors to controversial comedians and political figures. The show also includes some of the wealthiest celebrities and stars such as Elon Musk and Kanye West. Capitalizing on unedited, long form interviews, his show as become a staple for early celebrities hoping to launch their careers as well as mainstream icons who want to boost their popularity with a younger audience.

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The success of the show is in part due to Rogan’s engagement and interest in a wide variety of topics. He can relate to and engage with a range of experts within their fields. This includes pop sensations like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Post Malone. But it can also include political icons and Presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang. But while there is no basic parameters for who Rogan is willing to have on the show, some of the guests have boasted a significant net worth. This has included Elon Musk who at one point was considered to be the second richest human on Earth. This list features the wealthiest guests of the Joe Rogan Experience so far.

10 David Choe, $300 million

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David Choe is a surprising addition to the list. The artist has had some of the most vulnerable and open experiences on the program including in episodes 563 and 1518. David Choe amassed his large net worth by creating some of the artwork for the original Facebook headquarters. Instead of being paid in cash for his paintings, he opted to receive stock in the company, a decision that ultimately made him $200 million overnight. This decision financed his career as an artist, allowing himself to explore a variety of niche ideas and conceptual decisions including his own podcast that featured characters and relatively no audio as well as several charity endeavors including work with the Lide Foundation in Haiti.

9 Dr. Phil McGraw, $400 million

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Dr. Phil is one of the richest television personalities to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience. Making his debut on the program in February of 2019, the two discussed a variety of aspects about Dr. Phil’s career. Most notably, they discussed the rising popularity of one of Dr. Phil’s most controversial guests Bad Bhabie. While Dr. Phil considered her a problematic child, the pivotal moment of her appearing on the program led to a sustainable career that launched both her music and modeling careers. Despite his advice to the family, she was able to capitalize on her fame on the program and started making a significant amount of money including over one million in the first hour of creating an Only Fans account that went viral.

8 Shane Smith, $400 million

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Shame Smith is known for being one of the co-founders and the CEO behind the media conglomerate Vice. Smith has appeared on the program twice and discussed a variety of topics ranging from his new daily show that featured a collaboration between Vice and HBO as well as several political topics ranging from Donald Trump to the recent revival of the Taliban. The conversation centered around the importance of creating logical, fact based news that focused on a centrist and unbiased lens of reporting.

7 Mel Gibson, $425 million

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Controversial figure Mel Gibson appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience in January of 2018 alongside additional guest Dr. Neil Riordan. The conversation focused on stem cell research and focused on Gibson’s personal experience and benefits of the experimental treatment. The conversation got personal as the two guests shared several first hand experiences where stem cells provided relief for a variety of ailments.

6 Jay Leno, $450 million

Jay Leno has amassed a net worth by not only having one of the most successful and long running Tonight Show programs of all time, but also through his massive car collection. Both self proclaimed gear heads, the conversation centered around Leno’s massive car collection which contributes heavily towards his over $450 million net worth.

5 Dana White, $500 million

Founder of the UFC, Dana White appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience early on in the podcasts history. Occurring in episode 327 all the way back in February of 2013, the conversation focused mainly on the UFC as well as Rogan’s involvement as a commentator for the sport. The conversation centered around the careers of several professional fighters including the Diaz brothers, Floyd Mayweather, and Mike Tyson.

4 Robert Bigelow, $1 billion

Aerospace engineer and hotel financier Robert Bigelow had a controversial appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. A highly anticipated guests in regards to his work on UFO’s and additional conscious-based phenomenon, many in the audience thought the conversation failed to deliver as Bigelow showed many personal biased beliefs in regards to his belief in consciousness after death. The conversation also managed to avoid any discussion of his purchase of the Skinwalker Ranch property in Utah that served as a paranormal home base for Bigelow for many years. The episode did however promote an interesting challenge posed by the engineer and financier, a competition that offered a reward of $1 million for anyone able to prove that consciousness exists after biological life ends.

3 Kanye West, $6.6 billion

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Kanye West made headlines when he announced that he would be appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience. After several delays, West finally came on the program in October of 2020. He discussed a variety of topics including his music career, his future plans for his church and accompanying school, as well as his presidential bid during the 2020 election. Beyond his personal philosophies and unique insight, the interview also showcased his unique way of thinking. By allowing West to create free form conversations that mixed subject matter much in the way his style of producing music mixes genres, the audience was able to gain insight into the mind of a true creative genius and understand why his net worth has now exceeded over $6 billion.

2 Jack Dorsey, $12.4 billion

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Rogan initially received backlash the first time Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared on his program. Many commenters through Joe didn’t push back hard enough on Dorsey in regards to his censorship decisions on Twitter and many other controversial decisions on the platform. As a result, Rogan had Dorsey back on alongside journalists Tim Pool and Vijaya Jadde which allowed for a much more in depth discussion about Twitter, censorship, and the future of the internet and its platforms in general.

1 Elon Musk, $166 billion

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Elon Musk is Joe Rogan’s richest podcast guest to date. He has been featured on the show twice and both times resulted in viral success that both engaged audiences and stimulated them with conversations about the future. On his first appearance, a viral clip of Musk smoking a joint ultimately led to a decrease in Tesla stock as questions about his leadership began to emerge. But quickly, the stock price returned and people began to see Musk in a more human way, allowing for him to create a more personal relationship with the public than his known rival Jeff Bezos. The likability of his character that was showcased in the interview eventually led to his appearance on Saturday Night Live. The subjects ranged from his passion projects at Tesla to his developments for SpaceX and plans for Mars as well as the latest developments for his brain-based computer network Neurolink. With many different projects in the works, it will be interesting to see Elon come back to the program to update audiences on his progress with many of the ambitious goals that he outlined on the program.

With a wide range of guests who include multi-millionaires to up and coming comedians, the Joe Rogan Experience has served as a launch pad for several celebrities regardless of what stage they are at in their careers. And with a Spotify exclusive deal as well as plans to open up a new comedy club in Austin, Texas, it can be expected that more popular, relevant, and wealthier guests could be just on the horizon for the show.

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