26 Movies That Will Remind You of the Magical Summers of Your Childhood

Summer is all about being outside, whether it’s cooling off in the neighborhood pool or getting dirty while playing an intense game of Capture the Flag. But while everyone soaks up as much sun as they can during those precious three months, it’s also nice to stay in and watch movies that transport you back in time. And since Summer is the perfect excuse for adults to still act like kids, why shouldn’t your movie selection reflect that? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite films that we watched on a couch cushion while sitting way too close to the TV when we were young. From four friends on a mission to buy a tree house to a group of boys playing baseball on a sandlot, these movies are guaranteed to put a smile on your sun-kissed face. So, grab a Capri Sun, put on those matching pajamas, and press play to go back to a time when Summer was all about freedom and adventure.

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