Rihanna is a worldwide sensation, and just last year, she made history by becoming the world’s richest self-made female. Her enormous wealth is a result of her sheer tenacity, hard work, and determination. She has graced some of the world’s largest stages and her concerts sell out mere minutes after tickets are made available for purchase. This savvy business woman doesn’t just rely on her musical career as a singular source of income. She has a number of various revenue streams, each of which has proven to be wildly successful and incredibly lucrative. With a current net worth of $550 million, Rihanna turns heads everywhere she goes, and is poised to become a billionaire with relative ease. Evening Standard reports on her success in a wide array of business ventures. Let’s take a peek at how this incredibly talented woman earns millions of dollars each year…

4 Music Releases And World Tours

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Rihanna is primarily known for her incredible skills as a Pop and R&B artist. Her strong, sultry voice is recognized around the globe and she’s hailed by her native Barbados as being their greatest success story. She was discovered at the tender age of 15 and has religiously dedicated her life to providing music to the masses since that time.

Much of Rihanna’s fortune comes from music sales, online streams, and world tours, which have proven to be incredibly lucrative. Business Insider reports that her Diamonds tour generated $137 million in revenue, making it one of the highest grossing tours of all time. It is reported that in 2016 she brought home a cool $22.3 million from her music sales alone.

Wildly talented when it comes to earning millions with the sounds of her music, she has sold well over 60 million albums and a whopping 216 million digital tracks as reported in 2019, and her sales continue to grow. Rihanna also holds shares of Tidal, a multi-million dollar streaming service launched by her mentor and good friend, Jay-Z.

Proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the music scene, Rihanna reigns supreme in the world of music and continues to rake in the dough.

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3 Movies

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Rihanna is as comfortable on the big screen as she is on the stage. Unlike many other celebrities, she has completely dominated in a variety of different fields, proving that she can extend her talents well beyond the singular genre of music. While others have tried and failed, Rihanna was successful at trading in her musical talents for solid acting skills.

She has appeared in movies such as Annie, Battleship, Oceans 8 and Valerian, as well as playing herself in the legendary movie, Bring It On. She has increased her fortune by millions each time she takes on a movie role. She brought home $2.8 million for her role in Ocean’s 8 alone.

Her loyal fan base tunes in to every film she signs on for, proving that movie roles not only make her a whole lot richer, but they attract global audiences which aid in the income potential for the studios as well.

2 Cosmetics: Fenty Beauty

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Known for her glowing complexion and aesthetic beauty, Rihanna capitalized on her fame with the release of her very own cosmetics brand called Fenty Beauty, in 2017. She has frequently posted videos of herself using her own products and acting as the brand ambassador for her own company. This personal touch has made her product line more relatable to fans, and they’ve been quick to spend millions of dollars buying up each item she releases for sale as part of her beauty line.

Her brand has been hailed for its inclusivity, catering to a wide array of different skin tones within the cosmetics line. She has also received credit for featuring models from the transgender community within the marketing for Fenty Beauty.

Within the first 15 months of being on the market, Fenty Beauty generated an astounding $570 million in revenue.

Rihanna has also launched a series of successful fragrances which have resulted in well over $80 million in sales.

1 Clothing: Savage X Fenty

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Proving that her footprint in the beauty industry is as large as the one she has in the music industry, Rihanna launched Savage X Fenty, a clothing line that she not only takes pride in, but also sees millions of dollars worth of revenue from.

Rihanna has hosted her very own Savage X Fenty fashion show as part of New York Fashion week, and she was able to secure some of the world’s biggest names to represent her brand. Halsey and Gigi Hadid were among the big names that walked her runway.

In 2019, Rihanna penned a deal with LVMH and launched her luxury fashion line in collaboration with the fashion giant.

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