ALDI has been crowned the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner in 2019 with your festive feast setting you back just £3.10 a head.

That's according to the latest annual findings from Good Housekeeping, which says you can feed a family of eight for just £24.78 at Aldi this winter.

The discounter also has the lowest price for Christmas staples' turkey, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, Christmas cake, and mince pies – see the box below for the full details.

Following closely behind was Iceland at £3.15 a person, Lidl at £3.27, and Tesco at £3.82.

Next up was Asda costing £3.84 a person, Morrisons at £4.19, and Sainsbury's at £4.39.

Down at the bottom of the table was Co-op, with your Christmas meal setting you back £4.41 per person, and M&S costing you £4.79 – that's £1.69 more per head than Aldi and £13.57 more for eight people.

Where can I buy my Christmas shopping for less?

HERE are the cheapest supermarkets for your Christmas dinner, according to Good Housekeeping:

  • Turkey: Aldi, £9.49
  • Potatoes: Iceland, 69p
  • Carrots: M&S, 40p
  • Parsnips: M&S, 80p
  • Brussels sprouts: M&S, 80p
  • Stuffing mix: Aldi and Lidl, 32p
  • Cranberry sauce: Aldi, 49p
  • Christmas pudding: Iceland, £3
  • Christmas cake: Aldi and Lidl, £4.29
  • Brandy butter: Iceland, £1.39
  • Mince pies: Aldi, £1.18

Total: £22.85 (based on eight people)

But the good news is that the price of Christmas dinner has fallen this year by 8 per cent on average from £24.90 in 2018 to £22.85 now.

That's based on buying each item at the supermarket that sells it for the least amount.

Good Housekeeping says apart from carrots, where the cheapest increased by 5p, and Christmas cake, which has stayed the same price, all of the Christmas staples it compared have dropped in price this year.

This means you could snap up a Christmas dinner for just £2.86 a head if you shop around – see the box above for the full information.

Caroline Bloor, consumer affairs director at Good Housekeeping said: "Consumer loyalty is no longer set in stone when it comes to shopping at one supermarket.

"In a time of economic challenges, consumers want to get as much bang for their buck as possible, and the supermarkets know this, which is why keeping prices as low as possible to ensure maximum footfall is a key priority for them.”

The Sun has contacted M&S.

Aldi was also crowned as selling the cheapest turkey in The Sun's annual price comparison.

But experts have warned that frozen turkeys have jumped 11 per cent in price due to a shortage.

We've also rounded-up the best vegan Christmas dinner alternatives.

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