As Chris and Angelina finally meet up to discuss their issues, she’s left in shock by his appearance.

Just how many family members should score an invite to the latest “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” — that’s the question posed in this sneak peek at Thursday’s new episode.

With Angelina Pivarnick’s marriage to Chris Larangeira in disarray, Deena Nicole Cortese still moves full steam ahead on planning the cast’s next group getaway — this time, to the Poconos.

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First, Deena calls up Mike Sorrentino’s wife Lauren, who is ecstatic about the location. She reveals their first trip together was to the Poconos 17 years prior. “We’re coming full circle, we haven’t been back since,” she explains.

Vinny, meanwhile, only wants to know whether he can bring his jumprope — while Pauly D cracks, “Poke a who? I’m in a relationship, I’m not poking anybody!”

When it comes time to call Angelina, however, the plan hits a bit of a road block. Pivarnick tells Cortese, “I’m trying to figure out on my end if I should invite Chris or not.”

She reveals her husband still isn’t back at home — but adds that he wants to return. “I’ll think about this and let you know,” says Angelina, before adding that she’ll go on the the trip either way no matter what.

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“It just seems like Angelina and Chris’ relationship status is on and off every day, they just have a really dysfunctional relationship,” Deena says in a confessional. “I just hope … I don’t know what’s doing to happen now.”

Asks her husband, Chris Buckner: “How are you supposed to have him around, everyone knowing that these videos are out there?”

The preview footage ends with Chris finally showing up at their home to hash things out — and she’s left shook by his appearance.

See what happens next when “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” airs Thursday night on MTV.

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