Asda outline their latest safety measures during the pandemic

Asda shoppers will notice new safety measures when visiting branches ahead of Christmas next week. The temporary changes will aim to reduce overcrowding in stores.

With Christmas just one week away, supermarkets are sure to be filled with last minute shoppers.

The festive period is always busy and Asda has introduced new ways to protect those visiting stores.

The coronavirus has led to a number of shopping rules being brought into stores over the last few months.

While these have continued to change, supermarkets have placed a focus on ensuring social distancing stays in place.

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Asda already has safety mashels at the entrances of its stores.

However, the retailer has announced it will increase security staff at the front of branches to prevent overcrowding.

The extra security will be in place in the immediate run up to Christmas, between December 19 and 24.

Doing this will ensure social distancing measures can be respected by customers.

The supermarket giant has also added automatic counting technology into the busiest 100 of its 631 UK branches.

This will allow the supermarket to keep track of the number of people in the stores and ensure branches do not become overcrowded.

Asda chief executive Roger Burnley stated: “The festive season is always the busiest time of year for our stores, so we have introduced additional safety measures to protect colleagues and customers during this period.

“These new measures will help customers to get in and out of our larger stores quickly and safely and we are confident they will continue to play their part by respecting social distancing when they shop.”

Security and counting measures may cause more queues outside busy branches.

To help with queues, Asda has rolled out technology to a selection of stores to make the wait more convenient for shoppers.

Earlier this year, the supermarket giant tested out a queuing app which was run by Qudini.

After its success, the app has become available in around 50 branches.

Customers can log into the app and secure their spot in the queue.

They can choose to use a QR code or receive a text message about their slot.

Using the QR code brings up a countdown to let shoppers know how long they need to wait.

Those using the app can avoid standing in the cold and wait from the comfort of their cars until the countdown is over or until they receive a text message.

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