THE unicorn craze shows no sign of dying down, and fans are now even able to have a bath sitting on their favourite mythical creature.

That's thanks to B&M, which is selling unicorn and dinosaur bath mats for just £3.

The cute mats come in the size of 69cm x 39cm and they're available in all B&M stores across the country.

The unicorn ones have a turquoise background, and feature the magical creatures and rainbows on clouds.

While the dinosaur version has a white background, and the animals come in the colours of orange, yellow, green, grey and blue.

If you're worried about the maths not staying in place, you'll be pleased to know that both of them come with anti-slip suction cups that stop them from moving in the bath.

They were first spotted by Facebook page Money Saver Online, and its followers are really loving it.

One user said: "I want the dinosaur oneeeee", while another added: "I have the unicorn one LOVEEE IT."

A third one simply stated: "Unicorn for me, dinosaur for you."

If you're as keen to get your hands on the mats as them, you'll need to be quick as they're only available as long as stocks last.

They're not listed on B&M's website as they're special buy items, meaning they tend to fly off the shelves anyway, the retailer told The Sun.

B&M has more than 600 shops across the UK. You can find your nearest one using its store locator tool.

Other retailers also sell unicorn and dinosaur mats but they have a higher price tag.

For example, Zazzle is selling a similar dinosaur bath mat for £25.70, while you can pick up a unicorn version from Studio for £4.99.

Or if you're just looking for the cheapest available bath mat, you'll only have to spend £1.25 at Ikea for a basic white one in the size of 36cm x 57cm.

Bath mats can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria – this is how often you need to wash it to keep it fresh.

Meanwhile, last year B&M started selling unicorn door mats in four different designs.

Or if you're looking for a fun way to cool down in the garden, Aldi has rolled out an inflatable dinosaur paddling pool – and it's a bargain.

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