Toni Braxton is giving Tamar some tough love in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘Braxton Family Values’ season 6 finale. Toni has some important advice for her younger sis.

Tamar Braxton has been wrapped up in some major family drama lately and Toni Braxton wants her to get it all settled. First and foremost, Toni wants Tamar to talk to Traci. “My problem, my issue, is that I feel like Traci and Kevin’s holding this like vendetta against me since the shows that happened in New York and DC,” Tamar tells Toni in our EXCLUSIVE preview. Toni asks Tamar if she’s said anything to Traci about this. “I didn’t say anything to Traci about this because she has an attitude with me,” Tamar explains.

Tamar says her plan was to talk to Traci at the end of the show because they sing “Love & War” together but then Traci left. Toni tells Traci she needs to buck up and talk to Traci. “You’ve got to tell Traci how you feel,” Toni continues. “You can’t hold back, ’cause you know why? It’s not cool. You and Traci gotta talk. I know it’s difficult because sometimes Traci is not the easiest person to talk to because she gets upset about things, especially if she’s set it in her mind and this is how she feels and this is what it is.”

Toni believes it’s essential that Tamar and Traci have a one-on-one conversation again. “I don’t know if it’s going to heal or help anything but sometimes you’ve just got to put it out there on the table and not put a bowtie on it,” Toni adds. “If you have to argue about it, as long as you’re talking about it, that’s the best thing.”

There’s one more thing that Toni needs to talk to Tamar about. “I have to address one thing because I have to give you a little tough love,” Toni says to Tamar. “You can’t take it out on your man. You can’t fuss at him.” Tamar tries to cut in but Toni’s not finished. “I know it wasn’t malicious. It wasn’t on purpose. You were being protective of him but you have to be protective of the man in him, too,” Toni says. The Braxton Family Values season 6 finale will air June 6 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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