Sending her a private message, she asked her: “I thought about getting a local make-up artist but was hoping to get a friend’s discount. Like I said, I’m on a limited budget.”

In return for the three hour drive to do her hair and make-up for free, the bride offered her “friend” an invite to the wedding.

When the screenshots were shared online, many social media users couldn’t believe what the bride was asking for.

One wrote: “The do it for free and use it for your portfolio s*** kills me.”

Another added: “To think someone asked her to marry them.”

Meanwhile, others revealed how they spent years saving up for their own big day.

One commented: “I got married a week ago and paid £10k for the whole thing.”

“This girl should wake up. Weddings are not cheap,” said another.

While a third chimed in: “The irony of calling her selfish.”

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