A bride-to-be was left fuming when she realised the hotel had apparently double-booked her room as she walked into another guest's shower.

Emily and her family had booked a suite to stay in the Marriott hotel at Newport Beach, California the night before her mum's wedding but it turned out to be a disaster when they found strangers sleeping in their room.

Posting the blunder on TikTok, Emily's mum can be seen in distress while she is talking to the staff on the phone at the lobby.

While thinking it could be a joke, she asks her daughter: "Am I on camera? Am I on Punk'd? Is someone pranking me right now?"

"I just walked into some ladies in the room you just gave me the keys to," she tells the staff on the phone, confirming that her room number as 1508.

Emily described the moment as "when the hotel double books your room and you walk in on strangers in the shower and doing face masks in your room the night before your wedding day".

In the second clip, the other guest complains to the hotel manager expressing her shock.

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"I am sleeping in my pyjamas and you just put someone getting married in my room? What a s***ty experience for her, what a f***ing nightmare for me," the woman fumes.

"You just put an entire family in my room at 11.30pm and my guest is in shower. We thought we're getting robbed. I'm [n room] 1508, they are [also given room] 1508."

She then asks for compensation, including a free stay for Emily's family.

The manager is seen apologising to the guests and telling them that he is happy to write everything down on papers because the hotel's computer system is down.

"I'm supposed to check out on Monday. I'm supposed to get married in the morning," Emily's mum adds.

Emily later explained that the matter was resolved and her family was given a new room for the stay.

Her mum also invited the woman to attend the wedding but she couldn't make it.

Daily Star has contacted Marriott Group for comment.

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