If you’re craving a bit of warm-weather ambiance during this transition to the holidays — no skinny dipping allowed — stop by the Curtis Hotel’s lobby installation, which the boutique business is promoting as “Denver’s Most Instagrammable Lobby.”

It’s a cute (and yes, very Instagram- and TikTok-friendly) installation that invokes poolside vibes and lounging with its faux-greenery backdrop and picnic-party accouterment. Think crisscrossed croquet mallets, a rainbow inflatable, plastic flamingos, fake flowers and a bright color scheme.

The installation’s custom mosaics, made from 1-inch glazed porcelain tiles and designed by Boston’s Artaic firm, draw the eye to the cheeky depth markers and “inset pool noodle-inspired banquettes,” capturing “the essence of summer fun, and delivers it as an accessible all-year getaway,” according to hotel officials.

“The inspiration behind the recent lobby refresh … was driven by the idea of encouraging guests to experience spaces rather than travel through them,” said Danielle Farchmin, interior designer at Omaha’s DLR Group, via email. “The ‘Pool Lounge’ was inspired by the quirky RV campground and celebrating those amenity spaces that magnetically draw people together like the community pool.”

Along with the Curtis’ office-inspired martini bar (The Corner Office, at 1405 Curtis St.), it’s a fun stop-off on the way to or from the newly busy Denver Center for the Performing Arts, which is now hosting the Denver Film Festival and Opera Colorado “Tosca,” as well as soon-to-arrive Denver Center Theatre Company and touring Broadway productions.

True, Denver isn’t known for its beachside ways, but it is cool that the lobby’s “pool” looks as inviting as the real thing. Board games and more seating (brightly painted tiki stools) give it a bit of staying power beyond social media pics, even after walking through the impressively large RV-entrance. And, as with anything billed as immersive these days (such as Meow Wolf), it’s got to be durable.

“The original design based on the RV campground community pool needed a material that would both feel pool-like while also being functional in a high-traffic, commercial environment,” said Kait Paradowski, design director at Artaic, via email.

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