Dad Interviews Daughter on Her First Day of School Every Year and Releases Video as She Graduates

A proud Washington dad is touching hearts all over the world after sharing a sweet video compilation of his daughter’s first days of school.

The clip opens up with a sweet statement explaining that Kevin Scruggs has been interviewing his daughter Madison, now 18, on her first day of school for “the last 13 years” and this year she graduates.

The screen then fades to black and transitions into Madison’s first interview from Kindergarten.

“What happened today?” Kevin excitedly asks little Madison, who says “First day of Kindergarten.”

“Did you like Kindergarten? Do you want to go back?” Kevin asks.

“Every day,” Madison says back eagerly.

The interviews continue on until Madison’s senior year.

“What was your most favorite thing you did today at school?” Kevin asks Madison following her first day of 12th grade.

“Uh… leave. I was kind of done,” Madison hilariously responds.

“What are you looking forward to the most your senior year of high school?” Kevin says next.

“Prom and graduation,” Madison answers, before her dad sweetly tells her he loves her.

The clip ends with a compilation of each time Madison and Kevin said “I love you.”

Since being published on YouTube last week, Madison’s video has racked up over 80,000 views, and this isn’t the first time Kevin has shared a sweet family memory.

Back in 2017, Kevin posted his daughter McKenzie’s first day of school interviews.

“I thought it would be cool when they graduate to them to see their whole career in one short clip,” Kevin told Good Morning America.

“I wanted to have something to remember.”

Madison revealed she also “enjoyed” the interviews explaining to GMA that it was nice to see herself grow up.

“It was [also] cool to see my personality change,” Madison said. “I’m really appreciative of how much time my dad put into it, how much he loves us and how much he and my mom do for us.”

Madison will graduate from Central Kitsap High School in Silverdale next month and has plans to study business management at Grand Canyon University in Arizona, according to GMA.

“I’m grateful to be her dad and I’m glad people get to see the joy that’s in her life,” Kevin told GMA.

Kevin has received an outpouring of love from online viewers.

“Bro. Amazing. Thank you for this. Congrats Madison! You have an amazingly thoughtful Dad!” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Blessed indeed! As a father of two girls myself (16 & 10), I’m feeling all those emotions I heard in your voice in both videos. Tremendous idea. Congratulations on raising two girls who know their Dad loves them,” a different viewer tweeted.

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