Exasperated mother claims her daughter’s Lush bath bomb stained her tub bright pink and no amount of scrubbing will shift it

  • Belinda Hill from Australia, claimed a Lush bath bomb stained her bath tub pink
  • Posting on Facebook, she revealed scrubbing with Jif hasn’t removed the marks
  • Responses suggested other products to try and urged her to contact Lush 

A mother has revealed she’s desperately seeking solutions after her daughter stained their entire bath tub pink using a bath bomb. 

Belinda Hill who lives in Australia, asked members of the Facebook group Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise, for advice on restoring her bath tub, after her daughter’s product from handmade cosmetic specialists Lush left it bright pink. 

Having failed to scrub the stains away using Jif, Belinda asked for suggestions on other products she could try.   

A mother has sparked concerns about Lush bath bombs after revealing her bath tub was stained pink (pictured)

Belinda Hill who lives in Australia, took to Facebook group Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise, to ask for cleaning product suggestions 

Racking up over 1,000 responses, Belinda asked for advice saying: ‘My daughter used a Lush bath bomb. We tried Jiff and gumption so far and it comes off with a lot of scrubbing, but not fully. Suggestions to try?’

Many suggested combining everyday products found in most household cupboards to make a powerful stain remover. 

One person wrote: ‘Just mix lemon, vinegar and bicarb soda, use it boiled hot. That helps to remove it.’

‘This sounds weird but try toilet cleaner bleach and then napisan over it so it kinda sticks? Just leave it for a few mins then try scrubbing again. Definitely reach out to Lush! I know this happens with their black bath bombs but this is crazy! Good luck,’ another said. 

A third added: ‘OMG this happened to me, I used bleach and bicarb soda and soaked it in hot water, then it came off with no scrubbing.’

Belinda explained she has tried to scrub her bath tub using Jif, after her daughter’s bath using a bath bomb from the brand 

Many responses to the post urged Belinda to try removing the stains using bleach and bicarbonate soda

Others urged Belinda to contact Lush directly and revealed they’ve had similar problems with bath bombs from the brand.

Another said: ‘I had the same problem from a Lush bath bomb but mine was navy and sparkly! Impossible to get out! I need to get bath resprayed’

A third added: ‘I’d be referring that question to Lush! Regardless of the bath, be it new and expensive or old and well used, this should not happen! Might save others big dramas.’

Fearful, another wrote: ‘That’s ridiculous! Scary to think that’s been absorbed by the skin! I’d call Lush.’ 

Mail Online contacted Lush for comment.  

Other responses to the post urged Belinda to contact Lush and revealed they’ve had similar experiences with products from the brand 

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