Experts warn bizarre viral Vacuum Challenge that sees people sealing their children in bin bags could cause DEATH by suffocation

  • New challenge sees people vacuum-sealing themselves into a bin bag
  • Social media users have been posting videos of the hilarious moments online
  • Experts warned against trying it out, saying it could have fatal consequences 
  • Suggested it could cut off oxygen to the brain, causing cells to die off 

Experts have warned against trying a new online challenged dubbed ‘The Vacuum Challenge’ as it could potentially leading to suffocation.

The challenge has been sweeping the internet as social media users from the UK and around the world share videos as they ‘vacuum-seal’ themselves into bin bags.

However, experts are concerned as many of the videos posted online feature adults ‘vacuum sealing’ their children, by placing them in plastic bags and using a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. 

Despite the hilarious videos online, Yahoo News reports it could be a hazardous challenge to take part in, saying it could lead to cerebral hypoxia, is a condition that leads to a decrease of oxygen supply to the brain.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s website outlines the condition, reading: ‘Brain cells are extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation and can begin to die within five minutes after oxygen supply has been cut off.’ 

One mother from Huddersfield posted a video as she sealed her shocked daughter into a bin bag for the challenge 

A British parent shared this video of their daughter looking delighted to try the challenge, which saw her sealed inside a bin bag 

One woman from Norway was left in hysterics over the sensation, which sees air sucked out of a vacuum bag 

The challenge has been tried around the world, as radio presenter Jack Vidgen in Australia demonstrated 

If the condition is minor, it can lead to inattentiveness, poor judgement and memory loss. 

However when hypoxia lasts for longer periods of time, it can cause coma, seizures, and even brain death.  

The challenge, which has been tried by social media users from across the globe, sees participants sit or lie on the floor inside a bin bag, which often reaches up to their neck. 

The nose of a vacuum is then inserted into the neck of the bag, sucking out all of the air and ‘sealing’ the participant inside.  

The challenge sees participants, such as this woman from Australia, sit inside bin-bags and use a hoover to suck out the air, with many finding the odd sensation of being ‘vacuum sealed’ hilarious

One woman, from London, gave the bin bag challenge a go, which experts are warning could cause suffocation 

Another woman from Moscow tested out the challenge, posting the hilarious video online as she struggled to stay upright 

Another Australian woman shared this video of the shocking results of her vacuum challenge effort 

The lack of air within the bag means people are unable to move, and often fall to the ground, losing control of their limbs. 

Social media users from around the world have tested out the challenge and shared videos of their hilarious reactions online.  

And while many participants in the challenge find the results hilarious, experts have warned that it could lead to fatal consequences. 

Many of the videos see participants tying the bin bags tightly around their neck in order to keep the top of the bag sealed. 

One person, from Oklahoma, appeared stunned by the challenge after taking it on alone, a tactic which could prove risky

Another social media user from Dubai requested the help of a friend to seal her inside the bin bag for the online challenge 

The results of the challenge are even more obvious with a clear bag, as this social media user highlighted with her video

And experts have warned that the challenge could lead to suffocation. 

Symptoms of mild cerebral hypoxia include inattentiveness, poor judgment, memory loss, and a decrease in motor coordination.

Though most of the videos involve two or more participants, it also wouldn’t be wise to risk the challenge alone, as once trapped in the bag it becomes difficult to move.  

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