The family of a 'joyful' mum who died after being hit by a passing car have paid tribute to her.

Sintija Kazaka was just 33-years-old when she was killed on the A50 near Derby on May 29 last year, Derbyshire Live reports.

She had got out of the car she was travelling in and strayed into the road after getting into an argument with its driver, an inquest at Derby Coroner's Court heard last year.

It was then she was fatally struck by another vehicle.

Her heartbroken sister Sarmite Circene, 33, has paid her respects to the factory worker a year after the tragedy, saying: "Sintija was a joyful girl who enjoyed every day.

“She loved to spend time with her daughter when she had the chance and she had lots of friends."

Sarmite described her sister as "helpful, friendly and joyful".

She said: “She always helped you out no matter where you were or what time it was.

“Sintija was a very friendly person and for her it was easy to get to know people. She was very outgoing.”

Sintija's daughter is currently living in Latvia as she is more comfortable there, but the pair would travel between the two countries regularly.

Her daughter is struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss of her mother.

Sarmite said: “She’s finding it hard to make sense of it. She has had to go to a few counsellors to make her understand that her mummy isn’t there anymore.

“She still thinks that the door is going to open and her mum is going to be there.”

Sintija was cremated in England , but her ashes were transported back to Latvia to be buried where her daughter can visit her growing up.

Sarmite said: “She doesn’t know what’s happening now but when she grows up she will know that there is a place she can put flowers down at and see her mummy.”

The mother was killed instantly when a red Ford Focus hit her on the inside lane of the A50.

Sintija, who lived in Boston Lincolnshire, had been walking back towards Derby and was hit.

When asked about the driver of the car that hit Sintija, Sarmite said: “It is not that man’s fault.

"He was in the car picking up his children from the airport from a holiday.

“It could have been anyone in his place. It was just an accident.

“What he is going through right now is hard enough already.”

She also said this to the driver during the inquest into Sitija’s death, and he wiped away tears from his eyes as he walked from the witness desk to his seat.

Sarmite said: “We are always going to remember Sintija as a smiley and joyful sister who was always helpful.

“This year was so hard for us, but I can’t even imagine what her daughter is going through in Latvia.”

In the inquest opening last year, senior coroner Dr Robert Hunter said: "The first driver [of the vehicle she was travelling in] and the remaining passengers were arrested.

"They all denied being the driver and all were found to be drunk.”

They were not prosecuted because police could not prove they were driving whilst drunk.

Sarmite said: “We are shocked how that can be when four people were in the car drinking and no one has received justice.

“But all that we can say is that they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

“They have to cope with that and I hope it is going to be hard.”

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